The content of the host cover letter must be tailored to the specific requirements of employer. While an employer might not ask you to send a cover letter with the resume, you should always consider sending a tailored cover letter when submitting your job application.

Working in a restaurant needs a friendly personality, but that does not mean that professionalism is not required. If you are applying for the position of a host in a hotel or a restaurant environment, be sure to send a cover letter with your resume as this shows professionalism and will allow the employer to look at your application favorably.

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Host Cover Letter Sample


556 Hampton Ct
Norristown, PA 66662

January 13, 2016

Mr. Adam Wright
Manager Hospitality
Hilton Harbor
772 Strick Road
Norristown, PA 55343


Dear Mr. Wright:

Since I had been waiting for an opportunity to work as a Host for a renowned hospitality organization, my happiness knows no bounds when actually applying for it at Hilton Harbor. I am presently working as a host for Hannigton Café at Avari Hotel and possess the guest service skills that are necessary to do justice in performing relevant job duties.

At my present place of work, I have had the opportunity to develop relations with hotel patrons in such a way that they ask for me as they enter. Understanding that providing a positive dining experience for guests is the key to success in this business, I strive hard to fulfil the requirements of patrons timely and accurately. Throughout my work, I constantly demonstrate a “can do” attitude which makes guests comfortable with me immediately. Possessing a high level of organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail, I have the capability to portray personalized manner upon guests’ arrival and departure.

My enclosed resume holds complete information regarding my skills and capabilities as a host. I am very confident that you will be happy to meet me; I will call you next week to setup an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Respectfully submitted,

Timothy Anderson

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