Catering Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Updated on: February 27, 2021

Catering Coordinators works under the supervision of Catering Directors. They ensure that food and beverage services are provided efficiently at all types of events and look after customer concerns.

An attractive cover letter for a Catering Coordinator Resume is a key to your success in this industry.

Study the following example which will help you prepare an effective cover letter for a catering position.

Sample Cover Letter for Catering Coordinator Position

February 27, 2021

Ms. Adriane Timber
Director Catering
Hilton Suites
619 Sidebrook Road
Rockville, MD 66622

Dear Ms. Timber:

I recently learned about the position of Catering Coordinator at Hilton Suites and would like to offer my services for the same. As a proactive individual with substantial experience in performing catering coordination duties, I am confident that I have the expertise in providing modern-day catering services in a competitive setting.

I have had the opportunity to simultaneously manage three major events in three different geographical locations within Rockville without any issues with the quality of food and service. I have the necessary know-how to be able to coordinate catering operations in a timely and professional manner.

My ability to train new personnel as chefs and hosts in a minimal time has earned me commendation from my director several times, and I take pride in the fact that I can manage catering services for all types of events including weddings, parties, and conferences.

I am quite sure that you will find my resume very interesting. I look forward to meeting you for which I will contact your office after two weeks. If you need to contact me before that, I will be available at (000) 758-2023. I appreciate the fact that you took out time to go through my application.

Thank you for your consideration.


Selma Peters

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