26 Electrical Helper Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 20, 2021

Looking through possible interview questions will help you greatly when you appear for the actual process (the electrical helper interview).

Concentrating on what you have to offer to the hiring manager, in alignment with the information in your job application documents is important.

Equally important is to give answers that the hiring manager will want to hear.

When appearing for an electrical helper interview, make sure that you can project your skills and experience perfectly.

A set of electrical helper interview questions and answers is provided here for your reference:

Electrical Helper Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I started working as an electrical helper 3 years ago. Prior to that, I held a year-long apprenticeship where I learned much about the work. These 4 years have been quite insightful. I am hoping to eventually work on complex electrical work, in a standalone capacity.

2. What duties have you performed in the role of an electrical helper?

I have been performing many tasks in an electrical helper capacity, some of which include clearing work areas and setting up equipment and tools. In addition to this, I have been busy managing work processes such as assisting in installing electrical and sound systems. Moreover, my duties include threading conduits, and connecting couplings, and securing brackets to bulkheads using screws and bolds.

3. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as an electrical helper?

I feel that I am well-equipped in many areas, including supplying electricians with the right materials, resources, tools, and equipment. Also, I am well-versed in measuring and cutting pipe conduits to specified lengths, and make good use of pipe threaders in order to thread conduit ends. Furthermore, I possess demonstrated expertise in maintaining tools and equipment inventory and creating and maintaining solid relationships with vendors and suppliers.

4. What is the one thing that you love about your work?

Working as an electrical helper provides me with a great opportunity to learn and excel. Since I am someone who thrives in a challenging environment, I love to test myself to learn new things, and then eventually contribute to the organization where I am working.

5. How do you handle adversity at the workplace?

I am a fairly easygoing individual and have never been at the brunt of adversity. However, if such an event does occur, I am sure that I can handle it with great skill. I will make sure that I do not indulge in blame-gaming, or fighting, as I find both to be below me.

6. What do you dislike about your work?

Absolutely nothing. I do not dislike anything about working as an electrical helper. I find the work enjoyable, which is why I chose to work in this capacity in the first place.

7. Tell me of a time when you made an important but difficult decision.

I was once asked to use low-quality wiring for a commercial wiring installation project. Since the requester was none other than my immediate supervisor, things became a bit dodgy. I initially took it up with him, but he was not too concerned. Since the project was that of a school, I could not bear the thought of anything substandard being installed. So, I had no choice but to inform a higher authority. But it took me three days to make this decision since I was complaining about my immediate boss.

8. How do you handle the physical nature of working in an electrical helper role?

I do not mind working on my feet all day. It is a profession that I chose, and I knew what I was getting into. In fact, a good day on my feet ends up in a good night’s sleep!

9. Do you have an achievement to share with us?

As a matter of fact, I do. I was recently praised for a project that I undertook as an electrical helper. We had 5 days to complete it, as the office that we were working in was due to open on the 6th day. With my input, we managed to complete the work in 3 days and spent the rest of the time ensuring that everything was in order. This made my immediate supervisor quite happy with me and my work.

10. What are your major strengths?

One of my major strengths is the ability to work on electrical projects of all types and complexities. In addition to this, I am exceptionally talented in meeting deadlines and timelines, as I work in an organized manner.

11. What is your main weakness?

Perhaps my worst weakness is that I spend too much time on one project. This is because I want to get the work done perfectly. However, it can stand in the way of meeting deadlines. The good thing is that I have never missed a deadline yet, but the fear of doing so is always there.

12. What type of work environment do you like best?

I love working in an environment where I have the liberty to put in my own ideas and learn as well.

13. Have you ever found your dream environment to work in?

To be honest, I understand that dream environments are not possible to obtain. However, I am presently working in a capacity that is more or less close to this.

14. Why do you want to leave your present job?

The company that I am working for is closing down, unfortunately. I am now looking for work that is similar to the one that I hold right now.

15. How can you be sure that working for us will be similar to your present place of work?

I have been following the success of your organization for 4 years, out of mere curiosity, and the will to learn more about your work, and market standing. In view of this, I can safely say that your organization is similar to the one that I am working for right now. And I hope to work with you with the same fervor and integrity as I am working for my present one.

16. If you saw a colleague perform a nefarious activity, what would you do?

Like I have done in the past, I would immediately report them to the authorities. In my line of work, you cannot afford to do something nefarious, as there are people’s lives at stake here.

17. What was the main reason that you chose to work in an electrical helper capacity?

I had always been fascinated by electrical and electronic components as a child. As I grew up, this became a bit of an obsession. Following this interest, I decided to train as an electrical helper.

18. How did you learn about this opening?

As I mentioned earlier, I had been following your company’s profile for a long time now. I saw an advertisement for an electrical helper in the newspaper, and it caught my eye. And I decided to explore it further.

19. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision? What did you do?

I was once working on a project where a senior electrician decided upon using a conduit which was not plausible for the situation. I mentioned as much, but initially, he wasn’t too keen on listening to me. I explained a little further, after which he too agreed that we needed to use a different one.

20. How would your supervisor and coworkers describe you?

I am positive that both my current supervisor and coworkers will tell you that I am great fun to work with. They will also point out that I am an exceptionally talented individual when it comes to electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. I also feel that they will point out my ability to learn quickly and contribute constantly.

21. What do you like to do outside of work?

I am a reading enthusiast. I am a member of 3 reading clubs and love spending my time exploring new worlds through reading books.

22. In your opinion, what really drives results in this job?

I think that hard work and honesty are two things that primarily drive results in this job.

23. What motivates you?

I motivate myself. The fact that I work well motivates me immensely. I feel that it is important to be in a consistent mode of working hard so that you do not have to depend on anyone else to motivate you.

24. In your opinion, what do you think we can do better or differently?

I have had the opportunity to look through your company’s profile in great detail, and have not come across anything that I would want you to do differently. However, once I am a part of your organization, I will be able to comment more on this.

25. When can you start working for us, if we decide to choose you as our next electrical helper?

I will be released from my present place of work in 45 days. After that, I am free to join your organization.

26. Do you have any questions for me?

I would like to know how you kept yourself above the waters, even during the worst recession period that this country has seen.

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