Top 10 Electrical Helper Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 26, 2020

You cannot apply for an electrical helper position successfully if you do not begin your resume with a solid objective statement. This will ensure that the beginning of your resume is strong, ultimately helping the hiring manager decide to call you in for an interview.

Moving on, an electrical helper resume objective must pique the hiring authority’s interest.

This is possible if you offer information such as your knowledge of clearing worksites, and ensuring that senior electricians have access to tools, equipment, and resources.

In addition, your skills in laying down conduits and wiring should be mentioned in your resume objective so that the hiring manager can see what specifics you have to offer.

As an electrical helper, you have to make sure that you write an electrical helper resume objective that is goal-oriented.

So, you have to check what the hiring manager wants in an electrical helper specifically before you can write this.

Electrical Helper Resume Objective Examples

1. Resourceful and highly-organized individual, with a solid grasp on performing and troubleshooting electrical work. Presently seeking an Electrical Helper position at Industrial Mechanical Inc.

2. To work for ABC Company as an Electrical Helper. Leveraging excellent skills in preparing worksites while assisting with wiring and layout work. Accurately uses resources and tools to support electrical projects.

3. Results-oriented Electrical Helper with 4+ years of experience working in an assistantship role. Looking for a position at Worley.

4. Electrical helper with an exceptional problem-solving record seeking a position at XYZ. Exceptionally talented in planning, laying out, and installing wiring, conduit, and electrical fixtures.

5. Top-performing Electrical Helper, enthusiastic about getting a challenging position. Highly knowledgeable about using electrical and hand tools, and performing preventative maintenance on them.

6. Seeking an Electrical Helper position at Brown and Root. Leveraging expertise in measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit while making effective use of measuring instruments and hand tools.

7. Desirous to work as an Electrical Helper for Core Electrical Services. Documented success in assisting with the installation of electrical systems. Competent in using tools such as conduit benders, screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and hacksaw.

8. Looking for an Electrical Helper position. Exceptionally talented in replacing faulty circuit breakers, fuses, switches, and electrical and electronic components.

9. Competent, hardworking, and resourceful Electrical Helper. Over 2 years of experience in assisting senior electricians with the installation and maintenance of electrical and power systems. Desire a position at Watson Electrical.

10. Hardworking Electrical helper with 6 years of successful track record. Eager to work for ABC Company employing dedication in performing electrical tasks under supervision, and in a standalone capacity. Exceptional know-how of safety protocols, and risk minimization.

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