Flight Attendant Resume Summary and Profile Examples

Updated on: April 5, 2021
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In order to write an effective resume for a flight attendant position, you need more than just a list of experiences.

To impress the hiring manager, a professional profile or performance summary section plays an important role.

Resume summaries (or profiles as they are sometimes called) are considered “elevator speeches” because they are actually sales pitches. These pitches are customized to the person who is making it by portraying information that makes him or her stand out, while still focusing on the employer’s requirements.

Before you write your professional summary or profile statement, you should know what makes one stand out:

• Writing content that piques the reader’s interest
• Ensuring a clear understanding of the top-selling points that you possess
• Emphasizing your career highlights and key strengths
• Communicating your professional objective briefly

To a first-timer, looking at this list might seem a bit overwhelming as one starts thinking along the length of the summary that he or she will have to write. No. You are going off tangent here. Summaries or profiles are not long paragraphs of self-praise. They should be a maximum of four lines.

Let us make it easier for you. This is what goes into any summary that you write:

• Limited self-praise
• Qualifications that you possess
• How your qualifications meet the company’s requirements

Do you think you can hack it now? Let us help you again. Here is a list of summaries/profiles for a flight attendant position that you can take clues from:

Sample Summaries / Profiles for Flight Attendant Resume

1. Highly skilled Flight Attendant with extensive experience in ensuring passenger comfort and safety by providing them with the highest possible customer services. A team player who possesses a high degree of technical competence. Well-versed in providing food and beverage service while maintaining the standards of care and hospitality.​ Bilingual: English/Spanish.

2. A highly motivated and competent Flight Attendant with 4+ years’ progressive experience in the hospitality and customer care arena. Demonstrated talent for ensuring passenger safety by carrying out preflight checks, providing advice for safety routines when onboard, and carrying out First Aid during emergencies.

3. Energetic and hardworking flight attendant with a 9+ years’ track record of delivering consistent onboard service to passengers.  Known for working independently without observation while working with others as part of a team. Calm demeanor aimed at managing mid-air emergencies efficiently. Dedicated to prioritizing passenger comfort and safety by ensuring delivery of excellent customer services.

4. Passenger service-focused Flight Attendant, acknowledged for talents in handling mid-air crises by employing expertise in psychologically handling irate and scared passengers. Vast experience in promptly responding to passengers’ requests and assisting them in embarking and disembarking aircraft.

5. Top-performing flight attendant with 9+ years of experience in preparing and serving meals and beverages, onboard selling, assisting customers, and responding to emergency situations. Proven relationship-builder with unsurpassed interpersonal skills, aimed at making passengers comfortable during their flights. Dependable, responsible contributor, committed to service excellence.

6. Dedicated, helpful Flight Attendant with a strong background in customer services. Extensive onboard experience, targeted at providing passengers with a safe and comfortable environment throughout their travel. Especially well-versed in providing personalized services during long hauls.