Cafe Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated July 25, 2019

Café attendant is an exciting position if you are a people’s person.

The duties involve completing simple food orders and serving the same to customers.


Café attendants may also be responsible for cleaning tables, washing dishes, and assisting in the kitchen.

In addition to a resume, café attendants might be asked to provide an application letter.

The purpose of such a letter is to demonstrate what makes you an ideal candidate for the position.



How to Write a Cafe Attendant Cover Letter?
  1. Find out the name of the hiring manager and address the letter by name
  2. Establish current needs of the hiring café or restaurant and demonstrate relevant expertise
  3. Support your claims by showcasing some accomplishments as a café attendant
  4. Detail some positive characteristics of your professional profile that show how you can add value to the hiring café/ restaurant.

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Cafe Attendant Cover Letter Sample


Joseph Carter
74 Ring Ave, Orlando, FL 76330
(008) 666-4444
joseph @ email . com

July 25, 2019

Mr. Richard Simon
HR Manager
Gold Star Café
902 Hackle’s Sq
Orlando, FL 76330


Dear Mr. Simon:

– Do you require services of a dynamic café attendant?

– Do you wish to rejuvenate Gold Cafe’s service delivery by adding a results-driven professional to your team?

– Could you use very effective skills in communication, organization, and customer service?

If all answers are yes, then I might be a perfect contender for Cafe Attendant position at Gold Star Café.

I have a demonstrated ability to provide quick, friendly, responsive and professional customer service delivery to café clients and track record of providing personalized service to guests along with the exceptional talent to build rapport with regular clients are some of the strengths my profile offers in the capacity of a café attendant to gold star cafe. Additionally, I am well versed in operating cash registers and POS while maintaining the integrity of financial controls.

I offer firsthand experience in providing assistance in kitchen based tasks like replenishing salad bars, assisting in salad cutting, re-heating prepared food as per standard and safe procedures, storing leftover food hygienically and preparing milkshakes and ice creams. I also bring substantial knowledge regarding the kitchen and service area cleanliness and sanitation requirements.

Considering that my profile caters for all the stated demands of the role, I believe myself to be a forerunner for the job. I would welcome the opportunity of seeing you in person in order to learn more regarding your expectations of the role. Please feel free to communicate a convenient interview date and timing by calling (005) 333-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Joseph Carter

Encl. Resume

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