Armed Security Guard Job Description for Resume

Updated on: January 14, 2017

Position Overview

An armed security guard is an individual who has a license for carrying arms such as guns and revolvers, and uses them if the need arises. These people are required to perform their work in settings that may be highly dangerous, or have the potential to be dangerous. An armed security guard is usually trained in combat from a recognized institute and deployed at places like banks and financial institutes.


Eligibility requirements to work as an armed security guard is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, along with advanced trained in using and maintaining arms. It is important for people working at this position to be physically dexterous and extremely well-balanced as they often have to handle tricky / sticky situations. Since an armed security guard is hired to provide protection to a person or a place, he or she has to be exceptionally brave, and possess the ability to work on his or her feet for long periods of time.

Working as an armed security guard is hardly easy. One has to be constantly aware of one’s surroundings and look at fear in the eye, while keeping within the limitations that have been taught during training. Some of the duties that armed security guards perform include:

Job Description for Armed Security Guard Resume

• Comprehend the essence of working as a security guard by delving deep into what or who needs to be protected

• Keep an eye out for irregularities, including security breaches, safety hazards and emergency situations

• Remain alert so that any unauthorized personnel do not get a chance to violate security codes

• Approach identified suspicious persons and inquire into their business at the facility or around it

• Patrol assigned areas on foot and ensure that any suspicious activities are looked into and provided resolutions for

• Examine doors, windows and gates to ensure that they conform to security protocols and report any problems to the supervisor

• Provide escort services to important people or for sensitive information or items such as documents and valuables

• Perform periodic checks on emergency call boxes and street lights to ensure proper functioning, and report any malfunctions immediately

• Report daily activity within assigned areas of both suspicious and non-suspicious nature, through well-developed and articulated reports

• Provide protection to armored cars transporting valuables such as cash, jewelry and antique items between destinations

• Operate security equipment such as security alarms, video cameras, body scanners and fire equipment as and when situations demand it