Nurse Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 12, 2022

A nurse instructor is required to teach nursing practices to nursing students.

Nurse instructors are educators who have a degree in nursing and are also licensed nurses with a solid background in providing real-time nursing care.

With the benefit of nursing education and experience, nurse instructors may teach nursing practices or supervise student nurses in a real-time nursing environment.

On an educational level, nursing instructors develop curriculum and teaching schedules in order to manage their instructional programs.

The following cover letter is written by career service professionals for an experienced nurse instructor looking for a position in a nursing education institute.

Nurse Instructor Cover Letter Example

67 Hunting Bow Tri
Huntington, WV 55555
(000) 255-8585
dalia @ email . com

April 12, 2022

Mr. Tony Curtis
Manager Human Resources
West Virginia Nurses Association
6029 Green Valley Drive
Huntington, WV 78888

Dear Mr. Curtis:

With 9+ years of successful nursing experience with different healthcare facilities, I believe that I will be an excellent fit for the position of Nurse Instructor at the West Virginia Nurses Association. With a significant focus on imparting nursing education and supervising student nurses, I am confident that I can deliver nursing knowledge effectively.

At my current position at Huntington Health Hospital, I am responsible for demonstrating patient care for student nurses along with planning and assigning activities in clinical settings. With my training in devising appropriate written lesson plans and implementing them through instruction and demonstration, I have had several groups of student nurses pass through my skillful hands. My understanding of the medical profession dictates that I am able to assist students in developing the core value of attitudes and ideas which are deemed appropriate in a healthcare setting.

With my excellent track record and leadership qualities, you may be assured of my ability to make a positive and immediate contribution to your organization. I will call your office after a few days to ask for an interview date so we can discuss my aspirations in more detail. Or, I can be reached at (000) 255-8585 to answer any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dalia Cox