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Unarmed Security Guard Skills for Resume

Your skills make you an eligible person to hire for a position. You cannot depend on experience only to make you a suitable individual, as experience tells hiring managers what you have done in the past, and not what you are capable of doing in the future. Concentrating on your skills in a resume is… Read More »

Unarmed Security Guard Job Description

Position Overview An unarmed security guard is hired in many capacities depending on the specific requirements of an organization. The only difference between an armed and an unarmed security guard is that the former is trained in using guns, while the latter may or may not be. However, both these roles are responsible for the… Read More »

Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

All the effort and time that you have put into writing your resume and cover letter will be further tested at the interview stage. This stage is difficult in the sense that you have to ace it while sitting in front of the person who has the deciding power to hire you – or reject… Read More »

Gate Guard Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter requires much in terms of researching the company and its requirements thoroughly. If you can do it, your next step is definitely the interview. A good gate guard cover letter is not an everyday thing for hiring managers, who wait for long periods of time to find the perfect one. Making… Read More »

School Crossing Guard Resume Sample

A school crossing guard resume is a 1-page document that highlights your relevant experiences, skills, and qualifications that make you a good contender.  When writing a resume, the first thing to remember is to customize and tailor it as per the requirements of the employer. That is because every employer has different expectations. Take a… Read More »