School Crossing Guard Interview Questions and Answers

March 18, 2017

Do not make the mistake of feeling complacent once you have reached the interview stage. There is so much more that you have to do now that you are in a precarious position, where a no from the hiring manager means that you are back to square one.

There isn’t any single way to ace this step. Every situation is different where interviews for school crossing guard position are concerned, which means that every interview needs to be managed in a different way. Create a checklist of things that you would need in order to prepare for your interview. Tick them off one by one as you prepare for them. Here are some interview questions to help you along in your preparation endeavors:


School Crossing Guard Interview Questions and Answers

What is it that appeals to you so much in the role of a school crossing guard?
Ever since I have volunteered my services as a crossing guard at the city office 5 years ago, I have been fascinated by the work. On the surface it seems as if the work of a crossing guard is quite straightforward but in actuality, it is quite challenging. And this challenge is what made me want to take up this work.

What challenge are you talking about exactly?
When you are working as a crossing guard in a school capacity, the challenge is children’s safety, while maintaining traffic control.

Tell us of a few of your duties in a school crossing guard role.
As a school crossing guard, I have been educating students on the appropriate and safe ways of crossing streets, ensuring that they cross the streets safely by escorting them, handling traffic control and rerouting activities, and making sure that any safety hazards are immediately reported and handled appropriately.

What skills set do you think is required to work at this position?
Clarity is perhaps the foremost thing that a crossing guard should possess. In addition to this, it is important for a crossing guard to thoroughly know traffic rules, be able to handle traffic control and rerouting activities, and manage tricky situations with an alert trail of thought.

What do you like more – working as a crossing guard in a regular capacity or with a school?
I am more inclined towards working as a school crossing guard.

Why did you make this choice?
As I mentioned earlier, there is something greatly satisfying about ensuring children’s safety, which makes this work worth my while.

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