School Crossing Guard Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: August 11, 2020

A school crossing guard resume is a 1-page document that highlights the applicant’s relevant experiences, skills, and qualifications that make them a good contender. 

When writing a resume, the first thing to remember is to customize and tailor it as per the requirements of the employer. That is because every employer has different expectations. Take a close look to the following guidelines and a school crossing guard resume sample to get more ideas.

How to Write a Resume for School Crossing Guard?

  1. Start your resume either with a school crossing guard objective or a summary statement.
  2. Highlight your skills and qualifications as a school crossing guard.
  3. Mention your professional experiences and accomplishments.
  4. Focus on providing safe movement to school-age children, observing, and identifying all road hazards, and using good judgment.
  5. Do not include any irrelevant information.
  6. Keep your resume short and sweet.

Sample Resume for School Crossing Guard

Justin Probe
589 Myrtle Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 92021 
(000) 854-4141 
just_p @ email . com


Highly responsible, attentive, and methodical School Crossing Guard with 7+ years of experience in accordance with the health and safety guidelines. Proven ability to coordinate the flow of traffic while school children and pedestrians are crossing the road. Strong sense of safety and professionalism while providing high-level customer service in a professional and courteous manner in all interactions. 

• Politely discourage children from behaving unsafely near traffic, such as darting into the street without looking
• Proven ability to use existing gaps in traffic to help students cross safely or create gaps when required
• Competent at alerting motorists that pedestrians are in the process of using the school crossing
• Observing and reporting incidents of conditions that present potential safety hazards to school children

• Student Education • Traffic Safety
• Traffic Gap Handling • Cones Management
• Hazards Management • Traffic Signs Erecting
• Control Points • Rerouting Plans
• Safe Behavior Encouragement • Crossing Zone Preparation
• Street Patrolling • Customer Service


Crossing Guard
St. Paul’s Elementary School, Brooklyn, NY 
May 2018 – Present
• Hold educational classes for students to provide them with information on roadside and crossing safety
• Display signs to divert or stop traffic on the roads outside schools, during school hours
• Escort school children across the street by stopping traffic where necessary
• Locate safe gaps and make appropriate use of them to direct pedestrian traffic
• Activate road warning signs to ensure that vehicular traffic slows its speed while approaching the school area

Selected Achievements
• Suggested using neon lights to alert motorists to stop much before the school crossing, resulting in streamlining of traffic.
• Successfully averted a major risk to school children by informing the authorities of a series of open manholes right outside the school.

City of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 2013 – May 2018
• Assisted pedestrians in crossing the street by holding traffic at bay
• Provided special support to the older adults and children in crossing streets by physically helping them
• Identified and reported traffic hazards or incidents to the line manager immediately
• Provided assistance during emergencies

Selected Achievements
• Singlehandedly conducted a series of educational seminars on road safety for young students.
• Introduced the concept of placing cones on either side of the crossing, resulting in increased safety of school children.

Grocery Clerk 
ABS Store, New York, NY | 2014

High School Diploma | 2007
Brooklyn High School, Brooklyn, NY