Technology has come so far that now employers resort to using application tracking systems ,which test the applicants to prove their knowledge and skills in a specific area of expertise. This is usually done dynamically, through the ATS which scans both resumes and cover letter for keywords that are part of the requirements section of an advertisement. You have to be very careful when designing / writing your resume and cover letter, as your lack of skills and abilities means a direct no from the employer, especially if the ATS has rejected your application!

The ability to do things that a hiring manager expects you to do is important to communicate to him or her. You are a skilled person – only you know have this information, or the selected few with whom you have worked before. But a prospective employer will be completely unaware of how good you are in the workplace, or how well you get along with people with whom you will be working. You will have to tell him or her that you are everything that he or she wants – through the skills section on your resume, or by mentioning it in your job application documents.

Here are examples of some ways that you can articulate your skills and abilities:

School Crossing Guard Skills and Abilities

• Extremely competent in providing students with assistance in crossing streets, keeping their safety and wellbeing in mind

• Ability to coordinate the flow of pedestrians across selected intersections with the flow of vehicular traffic

• Committed to obeying all traffic rules and regulations to ensure that pedestrians are assisted in crossing roads and streets at designated locations

• Competent in observing, identifying and reporting any incidents, accidents or injuries to the supervisor in an emergent manner

• Highly skilled in using existing gaps in traffic to assist students cross safely, and to create gaps when the natural flow of traffic does not allow for them

• Demonstrated ability to monitor the traffic flow and report any unusual or adverse traffic conditions which might affect student safety

• Effectively able to demonstrate safe crossing habits for students and prohibit them from committing unsafe practices

• Deep familiarity with placing school signs on designated places and removing them at the end of the shift or school hours

• Qualified to assist in school safety programs and handle special duty work during school events

• Proficient in directing, rerouting or regulating the flow of traffic during school times, to curb the number of vehicles on the school roads