18 School Crossing Guard Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated August 24, 2022

You have to be very careful when writing your school crossing guard resume and cover letter, as your lack of skills and qualifications means no response from the employer.

The prospective employer is completely unaware of how good you are in the workplace, or how well you get along with people with whom you will be working.

You have to tell them that you can do everything that he or she wants. That can only be done by adding the skills and qualifications section on your resume, and cover letter.

Here are examples of some ways that you can articulate your skills and abilities:

Skills and Qualifications for a School Crossing Guard Resume

  1. Providing students with assistance in crossing roads, keeping their safety and wellbeing in mind.
  2. Coordinating the flow of pedestrians across selected intersections with the flow of vehicular traffic.
  3. Obeying all traffic rules and regulations while helping pedestrians in crossing roads and streets.
  4. Observing, identifying, and reporting any incidents, accidents, or injuries to the supervisor.
  5. Using existing gaps in traffic to assist students to cross safely, and to create gaps when the natural flow of traffic does not allow for them.
  6. Monitoring the traffic flow and reporting any unusual or adverse traffic conditions which might affect students’ safety.
  7. Demonstrating safe crossing habits for students and prohibiting them from committing unsafe practices.
  8. Placing school signs on designated places and removing them at the end of the shift or school hours.
  9. Assisting in school safety programs and handling special duty work during school events.
  10. Directing, rerouting, or regulating the flow of traffic during school times, to curb the number of vehicles on the school roads.
  11. Strong attention to details
  12. Able to handle emergencies
  13. Good stamina to stand and walk while holding a stop sign
  14. Willing to work in extreme weather conditions
  15. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  16. Profound ability to work independently without direct day to day supervision
  17. Available to work 3 shifts per day during the school year, at school entry, lunch and dismissal times as per the hours of duty provided
  18. Able to fill in for crossing guards that are absent