The right opening, followed by the right format is what makes cover letters a treat to read.

When you fail to start off your cover letter on the right foot, you automatically fail the employer’s first test. Hiring managers / employers have great expectations when they pick up a cover letter, and while they may not want you to be perfect in every sense, they need at least an 8 out 10 to consider you a good choice to call in for an interview.

Remember that the cover letter is not your ticket to a job – it is an avenue that you can use to get to the interview level, which will eventually get you the job. So instead of concentrating on gaining the job, concentrate on how you would get to the stage where you can impress the hiring manager into next century!


School Crossing Guard Cover Letter Sample


March 18, 2017

Mrs. Wilma Tell
St. James School
8273 Jon Street
New York, NY 66865


Dear Mrs. Tell:

Beth Martin, who works as a school administrator at St. James School has spoken very highly of your school’s standards for student safety, and suggested that I apply for the position of a crossing guard here. Comprehending the fact that conscientiousness and dependability are great virtues of people working as crossing guards in schools, I offer my resume (enclosed) for your consideration for this position. Having worked in a similar capacity (both for the city office and more recently, in a school environment), I am sure that I am a great contender for this position.

Controlling vehicular traffic and pedestrians in school zones in a manner that school children and other pedestrians are not endangered when crossing the street, is something that I am quite experienced in. Since I have worked as a crossing guard for over 6 years now, I am familiar with handling the intricacies associated with this work, including regularly checking and reporting questionable safety hazards that may exist near the school premises, and can effectively handle sign erection and traffic rerouting duties.

If you are presently seeking an individual who can establish a cooperative relationship with people, has extensive experience in communicating with children, and can effectively manage traffic in a way as to not cause congestion, you can bet dollars that I am your best choice. I will be in touch with you soon to see if your calendar allows for a face to face meeting soon.



Gemma Walkin

(000) 457-7571