Target Human Resources Team Member Job Description

Updated on August 10, 2015

Position Overview

A target human resources team member is a human resource generalist in an organization, and works on a number of things with the human resource team. That is to say, he or she works on employment, making sure that the right person is hired for the right job, that the person has experience if it is needed for the job, or for senior positions, and hires inexperienced candidates if the job requirement is to train them on the job.

They also ensure that all staff rules are followed, and ascertain that each employee is fulfilling the job requirements and is basically doing a good job – the job his supervisor wants them to do. If they are not, then the target human resource team member has to ensure that the person is first given a warning, and if he still doesn’t shape up, then it is the target human resource team member’s responsibility to see to it that he is asked to leave and an efficient person is hired in his place.

The target human resource team member also has to ensure that every employee gets his or her compensation every month, along with benefits, and that an atmosphere is created in the organization which is friendly, helpful and relaxing enough to be conducive to work. When human resource problems arise, it is the target human resource team member’s job to solve them. These problems can be anything from a misbehaving employee to actual harassment in the workplace.


To be a target human resource team member, a bachelor’s degree in human resource or business administration is needed, although a master’s degree in human resource management is preferred.

The following are the job duties of a target human resource team member:

Target Human Resources Team Member Job Description

• Manage employment, employee relations, workforce planning and performance
• Work with HR managers to resolve complicated human resource issues
• Implement employee rules and regulations, and ensure compliance
• Facilitate intern placement in all departments of the organization, as needed
• Assist managers with recruiting efforts
• Consult with senior managers on policy matters
• Analyze data from human resource information systems and prepare quarterly or monthly reports on human resource trends in the organization
• Monitor external human resource trends and best practices
• Develop internal communication materials pertaining to compensation and employee benefits
• Make employment offers to selected candidates
• Arrange required external training for all employees
• Conduct orientation sessions for new employees
• Conduct in-house training to selected individuals when needed

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