Entry Level Actuary Resume Sample (No Experience)

Updated on: April 20, 2022

Actuaries are mathematical professionals who are hired for the sole purpose of calculating potential risk to business by keying in certain economic and political factors, illness and disability, and death.

An actuary is expected to analyze available data to create models based on theories that will predict the oncoming of a misfortune that is likely to affect a business adversely.

They usually work in insurance companies where the need for calculating misfortunes is immense due to the nature of the job. But actuaries work in other industries as well.

As an entry-level actuary, you will need to satisfy your employer that you can carry out the demands of this job. This can be done by writing an effective and targeted resume.

The following resume for the Actuary position will help you write one of your own.


Entry Level Actuary Resume Sample (No Experience)

Marie Nelson
3976 State Road
Atlantic Beach, FL 88888
(000) 020-9999
marie @ email . com


An Actuary position with ABC Company, using a multitude of calculations to assist the management in predicting events that may prove to be a major cause of business loss.


• Thorough understanding of market needs and competitor practices
• Exceptional knowledge of identifying and evaluating areas of core pricing needs
• Conversant with mathematical modeling techniques and statistical concepts


Florida State University, Atlantic Beach, FL – 2018
Master of Science in Mathematics


• In the top five of the Dean’s List
• President of the Conservation Club and the Geographical Society
• Finished in the top 3 percentile of the Mathematical Acumen class


• Volunteered services for Green Peace as part of the conservation drive in 2010
• Worked as a volunteer at Sava Senior Care for three summers
• Performed duties as a Big Sister on a voluntary basis for three summers


• Excellent mathematical acumen
• Exceptional organization and communication skills
• Ability to work well under minimal supervision
• Strong critical thinking skills
• Well-honed people skills