Digital Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample 2

Updated on: July 4, 2016

The revolutionary age of self-marketing is here and it is up to you to make the best of it as a jobseeker. Strong qualifications and smart communication are the basis of gaining wins. If you write your cover letter the same way as most other jobseekers will, you risk blending in with the crowd. Writing creatively is important. There may be some avenues which you can use, that the competition knows nothing about. Make your profile come alive by attaching creative documents with your cover letter. Specialty profiles, expert reports, blog biographies and case history sketches can make your candidature very strong. Look into how you can use these to augment your resume and cover letter.

As far as the cover letter is concerned, it is important to overcome the what if worries. If you write and send a standout cover letter, you don’t have to worry about anything. Here are two what if questions to help you:

• What if I am responding to an ad? Who do I address the cover letter to?
Easy. Send it to the person mentioned in the ad. If there isn’t anyone mentioned, call the company and find out who will receive your application.

• What if I don’t know enough about the position to write a standout letter?
This one isn’t too difficult either. Look up the job description and find out what it is that you will be expected to do once hired.


Digital Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample


524 West Alpine Street
Whitewood, SD 20144

July 4, 2016

Mr. Henry Boyd
Hiring Manager
Ironpaper Inc.
6321 Fillmore Street
Whitewood, SD 36363


Dear Mr. Boyd:

The digital age that we are presently living in requires a “little extra” effort from corporations to stay afloat. With over 12 years of experience in tracking the changes that conventional marketing has gone through, I am your best bet in providing this little extra.

At present, I am providing support to Benchmark Brands to create and maintain their digital presence in the industry. Here is a short (but definitely not complete) list of my qualifications as a digital marketing specialist:

• Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing digital marketing automation strategies for each specific project module
• Highly experienced in implementing organic SEO strategies to meet specific lead generation targets
• Qualified to measure the effectiveness of online marketing efforts by regularly analyzing and reporting on marketing initiatives

I am appreciative of the courtesy extended in reviewing this letter and the accompanying resume. I look forward to a detailed, in-person conversation with you where I can demonstrate my enthusiasm in becoming an integral part of Ironpaper Inc. I will call you to set an interview date and time next Wednesday and can be contacted at (555) 555-5555 if you require any further information from me.



Carl Stone