Convenience stores work round the clock to provide retail services to its customer base. Working in a convenience store is often a challenging job no matter which position you are working on. There are several positions in a convenience store; people start out at the entry level by working as clerks and can end up as managers.

Convenience stores often hire part timers to work as clerks or cashiers but there are some full time employees too. No matter what the job is, the work is demanding and requires a lot of mental and physical dexterity. All convenience store personnel are at one time or another required to work as cashiers which is why it is important that they have some basic knowledge of mathematics along with know how of adding machines or tills.

Look at some of the positions that are eminent in a convenience store environment and their resume objectives to truly understand the essence of their work:


Convenience Store Resume Objectives

a) Looking for a position as a Clerk at 7/11 where I may use my skills in inventory management and customer services to add to the store’s retail reputation

b) Seeking a position as a Convenience Store Manager at KMART using keen skills of customer services and excellence in business generation acumen

c) To obtain a position of Grocery Manager with Tesco where I may be able to apply my skills in store and staff management along with providing excellence in retail services for the benefit of the store’s customer base

d) Highly enthusiastic and proactive individual, looking for a Convenience Store Clerk position with Coopers’. Offering extensive experience in customer management and assistance along with supreme knowledge of inventory and stocking procedures

e) Desire a position of Cashier at ABC Supermarket. Offering extensive experience in cash registers and adding machines and a profound ability to work in a fast paced environment