Detailer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 13, 2016

Position Overview

Detailers work for automobile service companies, where their prime responsibility is to make automobiles look pristine – both from the inside and the outside. Some detailers also work for companies that sell new and used cars, to make sure that they are kept clean for when customers want to examine or buy them.

The main purpose behind hiring a detailer is to make sure that automobiles are kept ready on time and in a way that customers want them. Since most auto detailers work for dedicated service companies, they are required to handle difficult tasks such as taking stains off from car interiors and making sure that they are aired appropriately.


To qualify working as a detailer, one has to possess a high school diploma or an equivalent. Mostly, detailers are trained on the job and do not require any special licenses or certifications. However, they have to be completely customer-oriented, possess exceptional attention to detail and have excellent communication skills. Since auto detailers work largely with cleaning agents, they need to be especially well-versed in handling mixtures and agents in a safe manner.

The following list contains information on what an auto detailer does on a typical day at work:

Job Description for Detailer Resume

• Greet customers and interview them to determine what their auto detailing requirements are
• Inspect vehicles to determine detailing activities required for both interior and exterior
• Calculate total cost that will be incurred in performing detailing work and provide customers with information on specific tasks
• Provide customers with a timeline for when their vehicle will be ready for pick up
• Use various cleaning equipment and supplies to perform detailing work such as upholstery shampooing and vacuuming
• Clean and vacuum trunks and clean out ashtrays and cup holders
• Use special foams and detergents to clean interior including places where microfiber cleaning is required
• Clean and restore door frames and instrument panels and wipe all grease away from exterior of the vehicle
• Polish and buff vehicle exterior and ensure that any additional maintenance needs such as tire rotation are communicated to the customer
• Wash and wipe all glass surfaces including rear and front windshields and ensure that rear view mirrors are cleaned
• Remove grease and dirt from the engine using steam and other agents and trim the exterior of the car by using specialized chrome cleaners
• Use air compressors to quickly dry out the interior and exterior of the vehicle and use hoses and pumps for washing and rinsing purposes