A bagger’s position is present mostly in the retail arena. Their basic job is to bag items that are being sold while the cashier runs the bill. Baggers or courtesy clerks need to physically dexterous as they need to work in a hurry and accuracy is an absolute must.

If you are entry level candidate or student looking for a job as a bagger, the following skills based resume may help you making a good resume.

This Bagger Resume will focus on your transferable skills rather than any practical experience.


Bagger Skills Resume Sample


Graham Doe

827 Arctic Avenue, Eieslon, AK 77363
(004) 410-4444, Email

OBJECTIVE: Energetic, customer service-oriented looking for a challenging position as a Bagger with Kroger utilizing my exceptional customer care skills, exceptional physical dexterity and stamina.

• Able to transport heavy grocery items
• Demonstrated ability to perform routine pre-operational checks on bagging systems
• In depth knowledge of conducting quality control sampling to ensure quality of bagged products
• Proficient in using proper techniques to stack bags on pallets for shipping

• Excellent knowledge of bagging techniques
• Exceptional knowhow of types of bagging materials and their usage
• Proven ability to bend, twist and carry weights up to 50lb
• Able to operate forklift for store operations
• Exceptional communication skills in English and Spanish
• Good customer interaction skills
• Excellent time management skills
• Demonstrated ability to react rationally in emergency situations

High School Diploma – 2008