Fundraising Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Employers usually ask for cover letters in addition to a resume for a Fundraising Manager position.

While the resume should outline your professional profile, your accompanying cover letter must justify your overall application.

In fact, it is your primary tool to establish your candidacy.

It must be treated as persuasive content and needs to be designed in a manner to grab the employer’s attention accordingly.

To prove your value to the employer, you need to present some evidence.

Mentioning some of your impressive achievements is a good idea, but don’t just leave it there.

Continue the purpose to develop relevance, state clearly that you have the potential to make similar accomplishments at the new workplace.

Matching your skills against the employer’s demands is another successful strategy, and it facilitates the development of an instant connection between you and the position.

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Sample Cover Letter for Fundraising Manager Position

Katie Alfred
612 Lawrence Ave, Lynne Wood, WA 98302
(000) 956-2015
[email protected]

May 27, 2019

Ms. Gina James
HR Manager
Overlake Hospital
899 4th Ave
Lynne Wood, WA 98302

Dear Ms. James:

If you are looking for a successful Fundraising Manager at Overlake Hospital, then I am your candidate. WIth 6+ years of experience, I now wish to broaden my horizons and apply my fundraising and management skills in a healthcare setting such as yours.

I offer the following track record:

• Built strong partnerships with 4 leading sponsors to secure a regular periodic sum of donations to serve the cause of the company.
• Generated an amount of 60,000$ through opportunistic utilization of sponsorship opportunities.
• Designed and executed various successful capital-raising campaign events.
• Recruited, trained, and led a team of up to 40 volunteers to mobilize and deploy available resources to serve the cause.

I believe my enclosed resume will interest you. 

In addition to record-breaking fund generation, I have gained a lot of popularity as a trendsetter in the field. This success was attained due to my innovative ideas of economic resource deployment and remarkable ability to identify fundraising opportunities. I believe my creative approach and experience are the things Overlake Hospital needs right now to revitalize its fundraising department.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my fundraising expertise could start benefiting your hospital and its cause right away. Please contact me at the above details to communicate an interview date and time. I shall also call you next week to answer any queries you might have regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gina James

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