20 Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 3, 2023

Front Desk Clerk job interviews may be significant milestones in candidates’ lives. While many people would disagree, interviews are informative rather than intimidating.

All interviews are essential, but some are more important for interviewers owing to the customers involved.

For instance, if you are being interviewed for a front desk clerk position, you might be asked some questions, the answers to which will hold a lot of meaning for the interviewer – because of your involvement with customers.

In such a case, even a simple question such as Why do you want to be a front desk clerk holds a lot of meaning.

What follows is a set of interview questions and answers for a front desk clerk position.

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Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you want to be a front desk clerk?

I believe that working as a front desk clerk requires exceptional skills in communication and customer service, both of which I possess. Working as a front desk clerk means I will get to meet different types of people each day while performing typical clerical duties – and I excel at both.

2. Is multitasking important in a front desk clerk position? Why or why not?

Multitasking is definitely very important. Front desk clerks greet visitors, take telephone calls, provide information, respond to inquiries, and perform financial transactions – sometimes all at the same time. If they cannot multitask, working in this position becomes impossible.

3. What type of computer knowledge does a front desk clerk need?

Scheduling reservations on a writing pad is a thing of the past now. Front desk clerks need to be able to handle scheduling and reservation software and be generally comfortable with computers.

4. If you ever came across a situation in which a customer or a visitor was rude to you, how would you handle it?

Unfortunately, front desk clerks are always at the mercy of rude customers. The best way to deal with them is to be calm and polite and try to get to the nip of what is bothering them so that the problem can be resolved. If things get out of control, I would call in a supervisor.

5. What are two of the most important duties of a front desk clerk?

Facilitating front desk operations and providing visitors and customers with information are the two most important duties in this job.

6. If you found yourself in a situation where a visitor has become antsy because of your refusal to let him in, how would you handle the situation?

How I handle things depends on how critical the situation can be. I will politely ask him to calm down while we look for a situation.

7. How would you react if something negative happened in an office because of your negligence?

If it is something that is my fault, I will apologize, try to make up for the damage caused, and proactively look for ways not to let it happen again.

8. What important skills should a front desk officer possess to be able to work well in this position?

There are many skills that front desk officers should possess. Good communication and interpersonal skills, customer service knowledge, the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and diplomacy and discretion are just a few of them.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you think most companies insist on hiring front desk clerks who are confident and presentable in every manner, especially in a hotel?

While it is not only necessary to be presentable and confident when working as a hotel front desk clerk, there is a lot of emphasis on this in the hospitality industry because front desk clerks are the first people that guests come in contact with. Making a positive first impression, and ensuring guest satisfaction is imperative at this stage.

2. What do you do to make sure that the impression that you present is not a negative one?

I am someone who is constantly aware of my surroundings. I do not let any guest wait longer than it is necessary, and I make sure that all aspects of first-contact guest relations are properly managed so that guest satisfaction is never a problem.

3. Have you ever had to resolve a problem that involved guest dissatisfaction?

It is unfortunate that one cannot satisfy everyone, every time. A miffed guest who had to wait 20 minutes longer than expected threatened to take his business elsewhere. He was shouting at the top of his voice and it was all quite unpleasant. Thankfully I managed to control the situation before he really could take his business elsewhere.

4. As a hotel front desk clerk, what duties have you performed in a previous role?

Greeting guests as they arrive at the front desk, inquiring into their reservation statuses, verifying reservations and identities, managing check-ins and check-outs, coordinating the services of bellboys and porters, ensuring appropriate billing and refunds, and arranging for travel logistics for guests, having all been part of my work as a hotel front desk clerk.

5. How do you feel about doing the night shift?

I have no qualms about doing night shifts, as I have alternated between day and night shifts in my present job as well.

6. Day or night – which shift do you like better? And why?

While I don’t mind working on either, I prefer the day shift as working during the day means that you get to be on your toes all the time. Since business is slow during the night, the work is not nearly as challenging as it is during the daytime.

Medical Office Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you think that managing the front office desk of a medical facility is more challenging than that of a corporate facility perhaps?

Medical front office desks are not your usual information counters. There are a lot of things happening there, including registrations, scheduling, and patient support. It is challenging because there is just so much to do, and there is no leeway provided for inaccuracies.

2. What are your specific responsibilities as a medical front desk clerk?

From scheduling appointments, following up on appointments, handling patient registrations, arranging for timely service delivery, and handling patient counseling work, to managing medical and office supplies inventory, I am responsible for it all!

3. You mentioned patient counseling. How is that the responsibility of a medical t deal clerk?

Patients are often agitated when they arrive at a medical facility. While medical front desk clerks are not required to provide intense counseling, they are trained in putting patients’ (and their families) fears at rest, through individual dealing.

4. What is the most challenging part of working as a medical front desk clerk?

I believe that the most difficult part is handling a patient when his or her turn is being compromised. A patient who has gone into the doctor’s office may take longer than expected, and it is natural for other patients to get antsy.

5. How do you handle a situation such as this?

It is all part of the job. I have my apologetic tone practiced and I say the right things to keep them from becoming more agitated than they already are. Works mostly.

6. Why did you take up the position of a medical front desk clerk initially?

I was always quite clear that I wanted to work at a front desk position in a medical facility. Since I have some exposure to medical lingo and have interned in a medical facility, this came as a natural choice.