Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Crank open the schematics of a front desk clerk interview and you will find out that all your pre-interview worry and anxiety was actually just a waste of energy. The problem is that as candidates, we do not get into the nitty-gritty of things – we tend to look at the surface and scare ourselves into a pool of perspiration! Unfair!

Front Desk Clerk job interviews may be great milestones in candidates’ lives but they are hardly something to be sacred witless of. Interviews need to be dealt with as something that is a necessary part of the job application process – but not a scary part. While many people would disagree, interviews are informative rather than intimidating. The trick is to look at them with a little less than a critical eye.

All interviews are important but some are more important for interviewers owing to the customers involved. For instance, if you are being interviewed for a front desk clerk’s position, you might be asked some questions, the answers of which will hold a lot of meaning for the interviewer – because of your involvement with customers. In such a case, even a simple question such as why do you want to be a front desk clerk holds a lot of meaning.

What follows is a set of interview questions and answers for a front desk clerk position.

Front Desk Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to be a front desk clerk?
I believe that working as a front desk clerk requires exceptional skills in communication and customer service, both of which I possess. Working as a front desk clerk means I will get to meet different types of people each day while performing typical clerical duties – and I excel at both.

Is multitasking important in a front desk clerk position? Why or why not?
Multitasking is definitely very important. Front desk clerks greet visitors, take telephone calls, provide information, respond to inquiries and perform financial transactions – sometimes all at the same time. If they cannot multitask, working at this position becomes impossible.

What type of computer knowledge does a front desk clerk need?
Scheduling reservations on a writing pad is a thing of the past now. Front desk clerks need to be able to handle scheduling and reservation software and be generally comfortable with computers.

If you ever came across a situation in which a customer or a visitor who was rude to you, how would you handle it?
Unfortunately, front desk clerks are always at the mercy of rude customers. The best way to deal with them is to be calm and polite and try to get to the nip of what is bothering them, so that the problem can be resolved. If things get out of control, I would call in a supervisor.

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