Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 23, 2019

A flight attendant is responsible for creating a friendly environment for airline passengers onboard throughout the journey.

S/he offers top customer care and hospitality services while ensuring the safety of passengers.


In order to become a successful flight attendant, you should have excellent communication and hospitality skills.

Besides, you will need to have the ability to effectively market and upsell onboard products of different companies in order to generate additional revenue from passengers.

If you are seeking a highly regarded career as a flight attendant, then you will need to write an outstanding cover letter for Flight Attendant Resume or pre-printed application form – along with additional documents required by the airline.

For your convenience, our experts have crafted a good cover letter example for flight attendant position.


Feel free to modify the bullet statements in the second paragraph per employer’s requirements before sending it.

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Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample


Allina Smith
69 4th Street
New York, NY 02147
(009) 303-1421

May 23, 2019

Ms. Sara Doe
HR Director
Republic Airways
213 NW Street
New York, NY 61201


Dear Ms. Doe:

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Flight Attendant position with Republic Airways. Utilizing my skills in passenger service, sales, and hospitality arena, I will be able to contribute efficiently to Republic Airways.

I’d like to bring my skills and accomplishments to your consideration so that we can talk further about my joining of Republic Airways as a Flight Attendant:

❖ Provided constant attention to passengers and offered them with a secure and contented on-board experience.

❖ Successfully developed expertise in all emergency procedures and the use of all emergency tools during flight.

❖ Performed cabin and passenger service tasks in a specialized manner.

❖ Maintained a tidy and organized environment.

❖ Created strong relations with coworkers, pilots, and passengers.

I look forward to meeting with you in order to discuss how I can add worth to Republic Airways’ bottom-line. I will contact your office next week to follow-up on my job application. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 303-1421.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




Allina Smith

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