School Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 28, 2016

One more cover letter of the type that the employer has seen hundreds of, is not very inspiring! Hiring managers are always on the lookout for different pieces of content that tell them that the applicant is worth an interview. Sadly, not many hiring managers get what they want. But now that you know what it is that a hiring manager is looking for, it is best to work towards giving it to him!

Cover letters for food service manager position are now written by adding a lot of spice in them. This spice is all the important information that you want the employer to know about you. But beware! The information that a hiring manager has seen in a resume (or will see when he has finished reading a cover letter) must never be repeated in the cover letter. Redundancy is quite off-putting for employers who would rather pick up the next resume than give you a chance to bore them.


School Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample


Casey Johnson
211 Wall Street
Greenville, MS 21744
(000) 744-4514
C.johnson @ email . com

December 28, 2016

Ms. Maddy Fisher
The Peterson High School
223 Bull Road
Greenville, MS 22020


Dear Ms. Fisher:

Your ad for a School Food Service Manager leads me to believe you seek a person with my expertise to supervise kitchen staff and handle multiple tasks simultaneously while meeting high quality food standards and controlling operating costs. In fact food service management is a different ballgame in an academic environment. And it is this particular environment that I could make the most of my talents.

With over 10 years of experience working in school cafeterias in different capacities, I have great exposure to how food service must be coordinated in an academic setting. Here is just a little bit of what I offer:

• Track record of success creating nutritious recipes to ensure students’ health and dietary requirements are fulfilled.
• Vast expertise in training and managing food service workers, cafeteria hands and chefs to ensure smooth and on-time delivery of culinary services.
• Exceptionally well-versed in ensuring the cleanliness of the cafeteria and student dining areas, by placing special focus on constant maintenance and sanitization.

You will not be disappointed once you meet with me and listen to what I have to say. I will call you at the end of next week to secure a meeting time. Until then, I am available at (000) 744-4514 if you need to speak with me.



Casey Johnson

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