Resume Summary Statements for Law Enforcement

Updated on: November 18, 2015

Reality check! You are not the only one applying for that law enforcement position. Imagine having to read through dozens of resumes with endless details. Sound too formidable? Indeed it is.

Picture your prospective employer. They pick up a compelling resume, immediately turns to the first spot of detail to see if you are what they need. Where will they look first? The Personal Profile Summary Statement! Their attention must be HELD. The prospective employer should be enticed enough to keep reading. In order to entice, try and figure out from the job application what kind of qualities are most valued. What personality traits match the job description? Be the person who can get the job done with flair, adaptability, concern, commitment and a deep sense of authority and regard for rules.

Focus on your most important qualities and abilities written out in concise statements. Do not fall prey to templates off the internet because one size does not fit all. You need to show yourself off in the best possible light. Try not to repeat core competencies, accomplishments and qualifications although it is very easy to slip into that. Reveal who you are as an individual and how that complements the profession you have adopted or are looking to adopt.

Do read through the examples below and see how you can bring out your individuality within a few lines:

Summary Statement for Law Enforcement Resume

• Trustworthy law enforcement officer who is committed to protect the lives and property as well as help keep the public safe. 9+ years’ hands-on experience in issuing citations, making arrests, preparing reports, and investigating  suspicious individuals tactfully.

• Law enforcement professional with a 9+ years’ track record of looking for suspicious activity, responding to emergency calls, interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects and conducting research to compile evidence. Demonstrated ability to record evidence, prepare cases and testify in court.

• Top-performing Police Officer with progressive experience in patrolling designated area, discovering the commission of a crime, and enforcing law. Demonstrated ability to manage first aid, conduct investigations, gather proofs, obtain witnesses and make arrests. Known for handling adverse situations firmly, courteously and tactfully.