Entry Level Beauty Advisor Resume No Experience

Updated: May 30, 2021
How to Write a Perfect Resume for Beauty Advisor Position With No Experience in Hand?

Resume writing is fun – as much fun as having a nail pulled out. This is especially true if you are fresh out of college and have no professional experience to boast of.

So what happens when you have written all that you can, that is your education and a couple of burger-flipping jobs? You see white space, staring at you that you do not know what to do about.

To be perfectly fair, you will not be expected to write a three-page long resume for an entry-level beauty advisor job.

A single-page resume will suffice. But to fill that one page, you have to have some relevant content to put in it. And that is where your creative skills come in.

Since you cannot put in just anything, you have to think of pertinent information to use. If you have had any past experiences such as internships or volunteer work, do mention them.

But make sure that they are in sync with what the employer is looking for. Do not just place information for the sake of it. Whatever you write in your beauty advisor resume has to work for you as a candidate.

Using the company’s language is what will get you close to an employer. Incorporating words and phrases from the job listing is a great way of catching a prospective employer’s eye. If the company is looking for a “team player”, mention that you “thrive in a team environment”. And so on.

Here is a sample:

Sample Entry Level Beauty Advisor Resume With No Experience

Sophia Williams
635 W 6th Street
Highland, UT 87262
(000) 521-4541
sofwil @ myemail . com

 Beauty Advisor

A creative and versatile individual seeking a beauty advisor position at Ulta Beauty. Bringing extensive knowledge of the cosmetology industry, popular beauty trends, and skin therapies, along with a competitive drive and entrepreneurial confidence to succeed in a fast-paced environment.

• Proficient in understanding customers’ beauty goals and providing them with correlating advice to help them achieve them.
• Adept at providing exceptional customer services by providing customers with beauty plans that in accordance with their specific beauty needs.
• Focused on creating and implementing marketing plans to help the facility in obtaining further clientele and retain the existing one.
• Competent at handling research activities to determine how the competition is faring and incorporating novel ideas into services being provided by the facility.

Technical Certificate in Cosmetology

  • General Cosmetology
  • Hairstyling
  • Cosmetic Therapy
  • Chemical Texturizing
  • Hair Coloring
  • Nail Theory


Cosmetology Apprentice
ABC Salon, Highland, UT
(1/2021 to 5/2021)
• Greeted customers and interviewed them to determine their beauty needs.
• Provided information regarding the facility’s offers and price ranges.
• Assisted in assessing customers’ skin and hair conditions and providing them with advice on which treatments are best.
• Prepared treatment rooms by ensuring that all products and machines are available.
• Cleaned and dusted tables and treatment rooms prior to and after each shift.

• Consultative sales
• Facial massages
• Inventory management
• Acne treatments
• Product demonstrations
• Suggestive selling
• Make-overs
• Transaction handling
• Relationship-building