Beauty Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 11, 2018


No part of a cover letter of beauty advisor resume is easy to write.

And employers certainly do not look for people who can do easy things.

A well-crafted beauty advisor cover letter shows an employer that you are capable of a lot of things, including research and communication and can live up to many challenges.

Cover letters begin to blur after an employer has been through a dozen or so of them. They all look the same. To be able to stand out from this blur, you have to write something that is genuinely appealing to the reader. And that is where both research and communication come in.

The Role of Research for a Cover Letter

When you want to be part of an organization, you need first to understand what it is all about.

Looking through the company website to determine its culture and vision is vital so that you can quickly write your cover letter keeping these things in mind.

How Good Communication Helps

It does not matter what designation you hold in a company, if your communication skills are not good, you will not stay very long.

Cover letters provide employers with information on how well you can speak and reach out to other people.

So make sure your words do the tango when they appear on a cover letter.

What follow now is an excellent cover letter for a beauty advisor position:



Beauty Advisor Cover Letter Example



Claire Hayes
325 Apple Street
Essex Junction, VT 61021
(000) 124-2321

March 11, 2018

Audrey Powel
Salon Manager
The Estee Lauder Salon
7 Park Circle
Essex Junction, VT 67322


Dear Ms. Powel:

As an energetic cosmetology professional, I will like to be considered for a beauty advisor position at The Estee Lauder Salon.

The enclosed resume outlines that my qualifications and your job description are parallel – as evident from the following:

• Unmatched ability to create and implement beauty plans to meet the specific requirements of individual clients.

• Track record of using a vast range of cosmetics and beauty, skin and hair products in accordance with clients’ skin and hair types.

• Exceptional sales record brought on by the ability to employ a consultative approach to selling salon products and handling service upgrades.

I will call you next Wednesday to set up a convenient time to meet so that we can discuss my profile in detail. I can be reached at (000) 124-2321 if you need any information that this letter or the accompanying resume does not provide.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Claire Hayes

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