Top 17 Skills for a Beautician Resume

Updated on: June 29, 2022

A skilled beautician is a successful one. Therefore, when you write your resume to apply for this position, you have to ensure that the skills section is done justice.

As a qualified beautician, your skills will lie in your ability to determine what clients need in terms of hair and beauty, and provide them with solid advice and services.

Where the skills section of your beautician resume is concerned, you have to fill it up with information regarding your knowledge of hair and skin care, and personal care routines. You must also concentrate on your ability to apply makeup, and do makeovers for clients.

Where a beautician’s resume skills section is concerned, you have to make it solid by adding a list of your most profound skills and abilities.

In order to do this perfectly, you must highlight your knowledge of performing manicures and pedicures and ensuring that workstations and tools remain clean and sanitized, amongst other things.

A list of skills specific to a beautician is provided here for you to go through:

Beautician Skills for Resume

1. Skilled in communicating with clients to determine their specific beauty needs.
2. Knowledge of different procedures and processes, specific to clients’ hair and skin types.
3. Able to wash and condition hair prior to performing haircuts and styles.
4. Demonstrated expertise in cutting and styling hair in accordance with clients’ requirements, and their face cuts.
5. Deeply familiar with mixing the right color solutions to ensure proper hair tints.
6. Highly experienced in applying color to clients’ hair, and monitoring color transfer times.
7. Exceptionally talented in providing effective solutions for common hair issues, such as hair fall, and dry scalp.
8. Competent in discussing various style options with clients, and suggesting ones that suit them.
9. Proven ability to check clients’ skin and nails to offer treatment options.
10. Solid track record of effectively determining the right types of manicures and pedicures for each client.
11. Strong knowledge of performing massages, and taking clients’ leads.
12. Expert at applying makeup for different occasions such as weddings, parties, and modeling shoots.
13. Familiar with booking appointments over the telephone, through email, and in person.
14. Solid ability to follow up with clients to remind them of their appointments, and follow-up schedules.
15. Talented in ensuring constant cleanliness and sanitization of all work areas within the salon.
16. Documented success in creating a professional, yet comfortable environment for clients.
17. Excellent ability to recognize hair and skin diseases, and refer clients to medical practitioners.

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