Sample Cover Letter for Fresh Graduate Teacher

Updated on: August 17, 2016

When you have just graduated, you stand little chances of being hired. Right? WRONG! If you are a recent graduate, you have great chances of being hired as many companies would want to hire people who have a fresh take on the world. And you will be a great contender for the job. Unless of course, your self-confidence is not where it should be!

Writing an entry level cover letter isn’t as hard as you might think. While people believe that first-timers are terrible at writing cover letters, we beg to differ. The right type of guidance will lead you to bag the job of your dreams with the first cover letter that you submit. The important thing to remember is to make sure that your cover letter sounds sincere and isn’t plagiarized. You do not want to be snubbed in the first go and then feel dejected at the very beginning of your career! Be smart about this.

A cover letter is nothing more than your personality (both professional and personal) on a piece of paper. Even if experience isn’t your best friend at this point, you can easily write content that will show that you do not need to bank on experience to be considered a successful applicant. Let’s move on to a sample cover letter for a fresh graduate teacher:


Sample Cover Letter for Fresh Graduate Teacher


857 Brown Street
Philadelphia, PA 14211

August 17, 2016

Ms. Salma Pointer
Elite School System
961 Belmont Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 02711


Dear Ms. Pointer:

As a recent graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in education and distinctions in 7 subject areas, I am confident that you will be interested in hiring me as a teacher at Elite School System. With great insight into both standard and contemporary teaching methods, I am a sure fit at your school, which I have discovered employs both types of instructional methodologies.

Owing to the fact that technology is fast becoming the essence of teaching, you will be happy to know that I am familiar with activities-based teaching methods, which is the future of schools now. Since Elite School System is in the process of implementing a similar system, I am positive that my contribution will prove to be exceptional at this point. Also, I have an inherent love for children and a great ability to handle them even at their worst, while keeping the psychological end of teaching in perspective – this I believe is a novelty in teachers nowadays and will be beneficial to you especially where students with special needs are concerned.

I will call you at the end of next week to ask if you have a free slot when we can meet and discuss this position in person. If you need to contact me in the interim, please feel free to do so at (000) 633-8541.



Rebecca Morse

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