Entry Level Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: May 18, 2021

If it were possible to determine if a resume summary works better or an objective by placing them on a scale, the summary would win hands down. Why is that?

Well, resume summaries are more “complete” than objectives. They provide a wider window for applicants to say what they want to, in order to lure the reader towards their credentials.

Often, objectives seem unfair to the employer – there is a lot of “I” and “me” involved in objectives, which does not work well for an employer who is looking for someone who is less self-interested and more company-interested.

Resume summaries provide candidates with that opportunity. If you have the leeway of writing four sentences or so that paint a clear picture of your aspirations, qualifications, and experiences that will eventually be of advantage to the employer, you are in a better position to come out on top.

Contrary to what some people say, summaries are not only written in resumes that can boast of experiences. They can also be written in entry-level resumes where it is just as essential to being eloquent in what you have to say. So if you use a summary to begin your resume, you are indeed not committing a crime!

One thing, though – at the entry-level, your summary really should be of the “outstanding” quality.

Since through these three or four sentences you will be given a chance to attract the reader to read your resume, you have to be watchful when creating them. For samples of entry-level resume summaries, refer below:

Entry Level Resume Summary Examples


1. A highly motivated and competent marketing officer, with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes for both clients and coworkers. Demonstrated strong project management skills, with the ability to contribute to a company, seeking increased turnover and client satisfaction.


2. Customer service-focused sales representative, acknowledged for talents in inspiring coworkers to adapt to the demands of a diverse and challenging workload. In-depth knowledge of creating sales strategies and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to meet set sales goals.

Human Resources

3. Passionate human resources graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Proven relationship builder with unique interpersonal skills. Resourceful, with the ability to handle human resource work by delving deep into the needs of both the department and employees.

Graphic Designer

4. Energetic self-starter, with excellent analytic, organizational, and creative skills in graphic designing. Reliable and dependable, with a special talent for handing in projects within deadlines.


5. Recent business graduate, distinguished from student peers owing to making the High Achiever’s List 4 times in a row. A student leader and project coordinator, assigned to design, develop and implement a mock project to bring down the masses’ interest in sugary drinks in a bid to control obesity.