Pipeline Engineer Resume Sample

Updated on: April 14, 2022

Resume writing for Pipeline Engineer seems to be a tedious and time taking task and is often quite intimidating.

In reality, though it is a very crucial document, building an impressive one isn’t that difficult.

Follow these basic guidelines to come up with an interview-winning resume for a pipeline engineer position:

Replace the objective with a summary
If the resume begins with an exciting trailer or a short profile of your candidacy supported by strong adjectives, the employer will be tempted to continue reading until the end.

If the information you have included is found to be job relevant, the chances are that the employer will give you an interview call.

The resume style and layout you select speak a lot about your personality
Make sure you take up a professional tone, choose a visually soothing format and present only organized and relevant information.

Mention specifics
A resume is your marketing tool, and it has to be unique. State your exact qualifications along with some stand-out professional achievements.

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Pipeline Engineer Resume Example

Kyle Hard
502 Wilson Street
San Jose, CA 45882
(000) 326-6565


Diligent engineering professional with 9+ years of experience in gas and liquid pipeline engineering projects. Extensive knowledge of the design and construction of pipelines, compressor points, and metering stations. Adept at monitoring flow rates, selecting the cost-effective material, and carrying out accurate maximum volume calculations.

• Pipeline Installation • Geotechnical Analysis
• Risk Assessment • Thickness Calculation
• Design Development • Fatigue Assessment
• Directional Drilling • Hydro Testing
• Pipe Selection • Integrity Management
• Bouncy Control • Technical Interface


Pipeline Project Engineer
• Lead the development of three mega projects worth $45K through phases of design, construction, and installation successfully in one year.
• Develop mitigation, monitoring, and inspection routines that enhanced performance levels of existing pipeline systems by 30%.
• Develop and implement field procedures for pipeline construction, purging, dehydration, and packing.
• Carry out pipeline integrity management, internal inspections, and anomaly repairs.
• Issue cost estimates, develop project timelines and implement regulatory codes for pipeline installation.

Pipeline Integrity Officer
CISCO, San Jose, CA
• Promoted and implemented safe oil and gas pipeline installation and operation techniques at Liquid Air.
• Prepared design fabrication and installation documents after plan evaluation.
• Performed pipeline risk assessments using propriety software-based methods.
• Maintained survey and inspection records.

MS, Pipeline Engineering
City University, San Jose, CA

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