Pipeline Engineer Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for pipeline engineer resume is like a two way swords. If on the mark, a cover letter can make an average candidate shine while if written ineffectively, it can cause an outstanding candidate to appear regular.

Since cover letter is a crucial part of your job application, do not leave writing your Pipeline Engineer cover letter to the end. Invest ample time and energy in writing your cover letter because it is worth all the trouble.

Below are three guiding principles in this regard, followed by a sample pipeline engineer cover letter for your guidance:

• Talk to the employer’s needs: Do not repeat your resume. Rather talk about those job relevant skills that are in line with the employer’s job requirements mentioned in the advertisement.

• Address the concerned person: Make some extra effort to find out the name of the hiring manager you should be addressing.

• Instill excitement: Make the letter interesting enough to convince the employer on having a look at the accompanying resume.


Pipeline Engineer Cover Letter Sample


Kevin Raymond

855 Granite Lane • Billings, MT 39221 • (006) 333 – 3333 • kevin @ email . com

September 11, 2014

Mr. Jason Howard
HR Manager
733 Raven Road
Billings, MT 39221


Dear Mr. Howard:

I am responding to your Pipeline Engineer vacancy cited in yesterday’s ‘Times’. My 8+ years of engineering related experience with internationally recognized Oil and Gas companies in pipeline projects seems to be a perfect match for your company’s current needs.

A few distinguishing features of my profile follow for your consideration:

• Expert in determining optimum fluid flow rate based on volume calculations
• Exposure to national and international liquid and gas pipeline installation projects
• Thorough knowledge of environmental factors involved in pipeline installation
• Track record of effective crisis handling and implementation of strategic pipeline repair plans in case of integrity loss to minimize its commercial consequences

Well-versed in generating viable mechanical designs for onshore and offshore pipeline projects, I also offer SUEZ Energy remarkable expertise in pipeline risk evaluation, fatigue assessment and key performance indicators (KPI) based reporting.

As a time tested pipeline management expert with proven skills in implementation of cost effective repair techniques for rectification of defects, I know that I can make a lot of valuable contribution to the success and expansion of SUEZ Energy.

I would welcome the opportunity of meeting you and reflecting on my job relevant qualifications further. My detailed resume is enclosed for your consideration. I shall call you coming Friday to answer any questions you might have regarding my qualifications and to secure an interview appointment. In the interim, I am available at (006) 333 – 3333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Kevin Raymond

Encl. Resume

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