Parent Educator Resume Sample

Updated April 27, 2017


There is a reason for resumes to be as long as they are. They need to define the person writing them in great detail which is why they cannot be short snippets of information.

Basically, a parent educator resume is a concrete document with blocked information regarding each and every professional aspect of the individual writing it.

A parent educator resume sample that is easy navigable and not cumbersome to read is provided below for your reference:


Parent Educator Resume Sample



Jack Murray

18 Loudon Road | Manchester, NH 06650 | (000) 521-8474 | jackmurray @ email . com


Successfully enhancing the quality of parenting and establishing rapport with families.

Over 7 years of dedicated experience in providing developmental screenings and education regarding child development and parenting. Highly organized and accountable with a demonstrated ability to work as part of a dynamic team to meet the needs of eligible clients, in order to improve access to care. Known to promote a positive work culture and uphold the facility’s policies and procedures.

Effectively able to schedule, conduct and document regular home visitation sessions with participating parents. Competent in providing classroom instruction and community education in sync with program directives


Community Programs Coordination ~ Materials Development ~ Individualized Consultation Plans ~ Emotional Control ~ Records Maintenance ~ Event Management ~ Counseling Services


Child Care Group, Manchester, NH | 6/2010 – Present
Parent Educator
• Successfully create and develop core individualized plans to meet the educational needs of participating parents
• Proactively provide professional instruction and delivery of information to families implementing specified curriculum
• Coordinate services with community programs to meet the individual needs of each parent education program
• Assess the needs of each family or parent and provide developmentally appropriate information, guidance and support to them
• Ascertain that all documentation regarding home visits, attendance records and screening summaries is properly maintained
• Represent facility or programs at various events such as seminars and meetings
• Organize, facilitate and promote the facility’s efforts and vision about parent education directives
• Collaborate with teachers and parents to develop and implement individualized consultation plans for extenuating circumstances

Selected Accomplishments / Contributions
✓ Successfully executed a series of parent education programs as part of the government’s efforts to increase educational levels
✓ Implemented 12 basic consultation plans, based on which further individualized plans could be made

The Rainbow Children, Manchester, NH| 2/2009 – 5/2010
Early Childhood Educator
• Engaged children in conversation to make them feel comfortable and to gauge their specific personalities
• Created and implemented individualized plans for educating young ones, placing special focus on physical and emotional milestones
• Developed and implemented activities to encourage children to participate in appropriate learning programs
• Assessed children’s progress and provided additional time to help them meet their targets
• Observed children in class and during playtime to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing

Selected Accomplishments / Contributions
✓ Held 4 seminars on the importance of patient education practices, as part of a colossal awareness program within the state of New Hampshire
✓ Singlehandedly developed a huge source of educational materials to assist in conducting specialized parent education classes

New Hampshire State University, Manchester, NH – 2009
Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Development

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• E-mail and Social Media
• Word-processing