School Bus Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 12, 2016


What makes a school bus monitor interview easy to ace?

Preparation is perhaps your best answer.

But preparing for an interview is not the easiest thing, especially if you let the jitters keep you from being confident.

Let go of the jitters and start preparing by looking through the following set of questions and answers:




School Bus Monitor Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you choose to work as a school bus monitor?
There is nothing I love more than working with children. Working outdoors is a close next. The only position that allows me to do both is working as a school bus monitor. Ever since I volunteered my services as a bus monitor for a school field trip 5 years ago, I knew that this was the job for me.

How do you handle so many children at the same time? And that too on a moving bus!
Handling children on a bus is never a problem if you have set some ground rules. I am a friendly individual so children take to me quite easily. But I also have a no-nonsense attitude which makes them feel that I am in charge. This amalgamation of pleasantness and authority makes it easy for me to handle children, who basically end up behaving themselves without me actually doing much.

Tell us about some of your duties as a school bus monitor in the past.
In my previous commission as a school bus monitor, I was responsible for assisting students embark and disembark school buses, assigning seats and ensuring that they were properly belted in, monitoring their behavior and providing help as and when needed.

Have you ever been in a situation where student safety was foremost in your mind and you had to act quickly to ensure it?
Once, the bus driver that I was assigned to work with seemed a little dodgy to me, as he kept sipping from a can of an energy drink. My suspicions proved correct when he nearly ran the bus into a truck and then off the road. I made him stop and confronted him. He hadn’t slept the night before and was depending on the energy drink to keep his eyes open. I put him in the passenger seat, assigned the eldest student to monitor the backend of the bus and drove the bus safely to its destination.

Would you report such an incident to the authorities even if the bus driver was a close friend?
Regardless of my relationship with the driver, protocol says that incidents like these must be reported. I will have no choice but to follow protocol.

If you were provided with a chance to work as a bus driver, would you do it? Why or why not?
I wouldn’t. I love my job too much. If I switched to something else, it will mean that I will no longer work with children and this is where I work best!