Initially tractors were only used in the country side to transport crop yields and live stock, however now tractor trailers are widely in use by modern construction companies and furniture movers.

Tractor trailer driving is an interesting profession especially for individuals who enjoy driving and travelling. Tractors are attached to trailers full of goods to be transported to various locations and then the tractor is driven to transport goods.

To become a tractor trailer driver, one needs a valid CDL and exceptional driving skills.


Tractor Trailer Driver Resume Sample


David Rick

66 Powder Springs, Marietta, GA 89332
Cellular: (003)444-3333 ❖ Home: (002)333-8888
david @ email . com


Accomplished tractor trailer driver with a successful track record of driving heavy vehicles. Proficient in demonstrating safe practices, while loading, unloading and transporting hazardous or fragile merchandise. Adept at map reading and observing heavy traffic driving rules and policies applicable on highways.


• In possession of a valid and current commercial driving license applicable in GA
• Knowledge of federally implemented safe carriage policies
• Capable of effective precautionary maintenance and engine machinery inspection of tractors
• Hands on experience in hauling petroleum and other hazardous materials safely


Tractor Trailer Driver | YLC Freights, Marietta, GA | Dec 2009 to Present

• Drive tractor with trailer to designated locations
• Assist in loading and unloading packed goods safely
• Ensure proper attachment and detachment of trailer with tractor
• Maintain merchandise delivery inventories
• Conduct regular vehicle inspection and issue written reports regarding the same
• Ask for expert mechanical advice for the vehicle when needed
• Keep the vehicle hooks, handles and other metal parts clean and well oiled

★ Accomplishments ★
• Reduced fuel consumption by 20% using effective monitoring of combustion mixture and application of viable fuel efficiency tactics
• Received the title of ‘most responsible driver’ during the first year of work
• Earned ‘the best driver of the month’ award

Trailer Driver | Perdue Farms, Marietta, GA | Aug 2007 to Nov 2009

• Loaded farm yield safely into the trailer
• Attached and detached trailers with tractors safely
• Delivered the goods to the destined location timely


• Thorough understanding of heavy vehicle engine mechanics
• Skilled in tire change and basic vehicle maintenance
• Proficient in monitoring GPS efficiency
• Immaculate dexterity and quick reflexes


High School Diploma, Marietta, GA | 2002