6 Trailer Driver Interview Questions [+Answers]

Updated on: January 31, 2021

If interviews put the fear of God in you, it is actually a good thing. This is because being scared means that you will focus on preparing for the interview process.

And preparation will eventually lead to excellence during the interview stage. A set of interview questions and answers for the position of a trailer driver is given below for your reference:

Trailer Driver Interview Questions and Answers

1. What made you decide to work as a trailer driver?

I have always been in awe of tractor-trailers, and when the opportunity arose to build a career in driving one, I jumped up to grab it.

2. What have been your duties as a trailer driver in your current position?

As a trailer driver, I have been responsible for loading and unloading items onto/from assigned trailers, performing inspections before and after trips, handling servicing work, mapping routes, navigating short and safe routes to destinations, and ensuring that dispatcher liaison is properly maintained.

3. Don’t you find the work cumbersome, since you have to be on the roads for long periods of time?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, I enjoy being on the roads for long periods of time. It is something that comes with the territory, and I don’t mind it one bit.

4. What is your modus operandi when it comes to the safety of the goods that you are handling?

I am a meticulous individual, who makes sure that the cargo assigned to me is handled with great care. I ensure that dire measures are taken to keep assigned items safe from damage, by ensuring that they are properly stacked and secured while in transit.

5. What skills do you think a trailer driver needs in order to be successful at this work?

I am of the opinion that working as a trailer driver requires consummate skills in driving long vehicles, and maneuvering them in a safe manner. Also, it is imperative for trailer drivers to possess excellent navigation skills, along with an insight into using standard maps and the GPS. Moreover, it is important for trailer drivers to be exceptionally well-versed in handling repair and maintenance on assigned vehicles, and to follow all traffic laws and regulations.

6. Have you ever come across a situation where your mettle as a trailer driver was truly tested?

Being on long routes can be quite a dangerous thing at times, as one is open to robberies. One such incident transpired when the trailer that I was driving was followed by a gang of robbers on a jeep, and since it was easier for them to maneuver their vehicle, than for me to handle mine, it threw me off balance for a bit. It was a cat and dog chase, but I ended up at the top since I threw them off the road by one extreme cut.