Garbage Truck Helper Job Description

Updated on: February 27, 2018

Position Overview

A garbage truck helper assists a garbage truck driver in picking up and slinging garbage from refuse cans to garbage trucks and ensuring that it reaches garbage disposal areas in a proper and timely manner.

The work of an individual working at this position is purely physical, which means that it is essential to possess great physical agility and dexterity.

Position Requirements

As a garbage truck helper, you will be expected to possess a high school diploma or a GED. Some organizations may not want formal education, but if you have a high school diploma to your name, you have a better chance of being accepted as a viable candidate.

Working at this position means that you have to be organized, and know all there is to know about collection methods. While you may not be in contact with homeowners/customers on a regular basis, you may come across situations where you will be expected to provide customers with information and education regarding proper waste disposal techniques. And this is why your communication skills and mannerism must be impeccable.

Working as a garbage truck helper means that you will be on the roads most of the time. Inclement weather conditions will hamper your efforts, and it is up to you to look them in the eye and keep working!

Some of the primary duties that you will be expected to perform in the role of a garbage truck helper are provided below:


Garbage Truck Helper Position Overview


• Take orders from supervisors to determine which truck and areas have been assigned for garbage pickup tasks.

• Assist garbage truck drivers in mapping proper routes using either the GPS or standard maps.

• Navigate short and safe ways to destinations, ensuring that timeliness is kept a priority.

• Empty trash cans into the garbage truck, ensuring that all receptacles are placed back in their proper areas.

• Ascertain that no garbage container block the main entrance to the house, or porches and mailboxes.

• Navigate way to the garbage disposal areas, assigned by supervisors, and ensure that garbage correctly puts away.

• Provide customers with information and education on proper methods and techniques to handle garbage disposal.

• Ascertain that proper safety gear is donned, to avoid sicknesses and contamination.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with dispatch team, providing status updates throughout the day.

• Work with supervisors to provide on the job training to newly hired garbage truck helpers, as part of their training initiatives.