CDL Truck Driver Job Description

Updated on: May 9, 2019

Position Overview

Truck drivers that have commercial driving licenses (CDL) commonly work for the commercial sector where their job includes delivering products from one place to another.

They drive heavy-duty trucks to different locations inside and between cities so that timely delivery of merchandise is imminent.



CDL truck drivers are required to follow the security steps outlined by the company that they work for so that the safety of goods is ensured.

They deliver a variety of items such as chemicals, candy, soda, water, equipment, and tobacco.



Position Requirements

CDL truck drivers need to possess a high school diploma or an equivalent if they want to work at this position.

They are also required to attend training programs from specific vocational schools where they are taught skills that eventually help them in obtaining a commercial driving license.

Truck drivers working in the commercial arena need to be able to work independently and possess good customer service skills as they come in contact with customers on a daily basis.

They must also be responsible and possess good knowledge of routes in their designated areas along with possessing information on working the GPS system and reading maps. Some typical duties that CDL workers perform include:

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CDL Truck Driver Job Description

• Obtain delivery orders from the company and assist in loading items onto delivery trucks

• Ensure that all items are neatly and safely stacked inside the truck and that any that are marker fragile are dealt with accordingly

• Review delivery instructions before starting out with a view to prepare for the journey

• Chart out best possible routes keeping traffic and distances in mind

• Use maps and GPS to determine unfamiliar routes

• Ensure that any delays due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances are relayed to the office immediately

• Drive commercial trucks by following traffic rules and company regulations

• Ensure the safety of items on board by checking on them during unusual circumstances such as inconsistent roads

• Deliver items to customers’ doorsteps and ask them to verify deliveries

• Take customers’ signatures on delivery orders and communicate the time and name of the person who received the delivery

• Verify that all items listed on a daily work order have been delivered

• Provide customers with information about safe handling of delivered products

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on trucks to minimize breakdowns on the roads

• Ensure interior and exterior cleanliness of the truck

• Make sure that delivery information is logged properly in the company database

• Relay any feedback or complaints received from customers to the company

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