Delivery Driver Job Description and Duties

Updated April 20, 2022
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Delivery drivers spend a lot of time on the roads as the nature of their work demands it. 

Their responsibilities include transporting goods from one place to another by driving a delivery vehicle.

Delivery drivers may drive trucks or vans depending on the nature of their job; companies that need to transport bigger items usually use trucks while vans are used to deliver things that are not too big.

To work as a delivery driver, one must possess a clean driving record.

Since you are responsible for the safety and timely delivery of items, you must be careful and diligent.

Many delivery drivers work for courier companies which are on top of the list of employers who hire delivery drivers.

Other companies may include manufacturing firms and large retail stores that require big items to be delivered to their customers.

It is essential for delivery drivers to be able to use technology to plot routes so that timely deliveries can be made.

Knowledge of local and interstate routes is also a prerequisite for this position.

Some more duties of a delivery drive include:

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Delivery Driver Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist in loading and unloading vehicles with items to be delivered.

• Ensure that items are correctly stacked and secured inside the delivery vehicle.

• Take delivery instructions from supervisors.

• Chart out the appropriate route for delivery on the map or GPS.

• Maintain proper knowledge of loaded items.

• Ensure that appropriate and complete documentation is available at the time of loading.

• Drive the vehicle to the point of delivery by using the best possible route.

• Make sure that speed limits are adhered to in order to ward off possible misadventures.

• Ensure that the vehicle’s paperwork is in order.

• Assist in unloading items off the vehicle in a safe manner.

• Ensure that delivery receipts are signed.

• Collect payments for deliveries made and give change.

• Fill in pertinent information such as mileage and delivery time in company-provided logbooks.

• Check vehicle for possible wear and tear.

• Ensure that both general and preventative maintenance measures are performed on the vehicle.

• Change vehicle fluids regularly.

• Clean the vehicle from the inside and outside.

• Perform diagnosis and troubleshooting activities on the vehicle when needed.

• Ensure that the delivery schedule is followed.

• Handle invoice discrepancies by informing superiors of problems and complaints.

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