Delivery Driver Cover Letter with No Experience

Updated on: December 19, 2022

In a delivery driver resume, you mention what you have done in past.

But in a cover letter, you should not repeat the information in your resume. A cover letter is needed to say what you can do for the company in the future.

So what you have to talk about in a cover letter is your potential. This will help you especially if you have little or no experience in hand and want to convince the hiring manager that you are worth hiring.

Delivery Driver Cover Letter with No Experience

Daniel Gurny
548 Mary Street
San Jose, CA 96521
(000) 128-9655
Daniel @ email . com

December 19, 2022

Charles Sheen
Human Resource Manager
Carter Farm Products
207 Main Street
Duluth, MN 23833

Dear Mr. Sheen:

This letter is a keen expression of interest in the delivery driver position at Carter Farm Products. Having recently acquired my CDL, my qualifications align extremely well with your job description. While I was in my training, I have driven different kinds of commercial vehicles extensively around town. I feel confident that I can offer you exactly what you have asked for in your advertisement.

I am eager to bring the following talents to your company:

  • Skilled in driving commercial vans and trucks in a safe manner
  • Knowledge of truck and van engines and other parts, with the ability to perform emergency repairs
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver goods without damage, by careful driving according to traffic rules
  • Eager to provide customer service in a responsible way while supporting the overall goals of the company

I would like to meet with you as my abilities can only be communicated in person. I will contact your office early next week to find out when you have the time to meet. Meanwhile, I am available at (000) 128-9655.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Daniel Gurny

Attachment: Resume