Carpenter Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: July 23, 2020

Before writing cover letters for Carpenter Resume, it is crucial to do extensive research on the position and the prospective organization before writing one. That is because the employer looks favorably to a job application that contains some information about their company.

In order to know about the prospective employer, you should explore the company’s website. See what they are doing regarding operations and find their mission statement if possible.

All this information will help you talk intelligently at the interview and you can mention one of these facts in your cover letter too.

Don’t forget to add some of your carpentry skills and accomplishments in your cover letter.

The following sample cover letter for Carpenter Resume will assist you to write a winning cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Carpenter

Arthur Tom
309 Vineyard Drive
East New Market, MD 44411
(987) 666-0099
arthur.tom @ email . com

July 23, 2020

Mr. Jacob Mason
CEO, Woodcraft
31 Woodens Lane
East New Market, MD 88812

Dear Mr. Mason

As a detail-oriented and adaptable Carpenter, I was excited to see your Carpenter opening at Woodcraft. With a 12-plus-year verifiable track record in carpentry, I feel confident that I can contribute significantly.

As indicated in my resume, I have considerable experience in constructing, installing and repairing structures and fixtures made of wood, plywood, metal, and wallboard. My proficiency extends to building rough wooden structures such as concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel, and sewer supports in keeping with verbal instructions and following blueprints.

Moreover, I have a working knowledge of performing carpentry tasks based on measurements, and able to follow instructions accurately. My experience has taught me to identify safety risks and to take proper precautions to eliminate those risks. My attached resume contains further information on my qualifications and skills.

As a committed Carpenter, I am eager to leverage my carpentry expertise to bring immense success to Woodcraft’s projects. I will call your office next week to see if an interview can be arranged to discuss this further. Please call me at (000) 201-0099 if you would like to speak to me in the meantime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Arthur Tom

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