Tow Truck Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated: July 5, 2021

You’re sitting on the highway, hoping someone will come by and rescue you and your car from the unfortunate circumstances that have befallen you – a vehicle breakdown. Do not wait. Use your cell phone to call a tow truck to help you out of the predicament.

Tow Truck Driver Job Description

Tow truck drivers are not regular delivery or bus drivers.

They are given a particular tow truck to operate so that they can drive down to scenes of accidents and breakdowns, hook the bashed-up or broken down car, and tow it away to the workshop. You would think that their work ends here. Actually, not!

Towing vehicles away is not all that they do. Before and after a vehicle is towed away and delivered, a tow truck driver is required to perform a lot of work.

Your main duty is to ensure that the tow truck itself is in good working condition – after all, you do not want your own vehicle to break down while you are on a rescue mission!

People working as tow truck drivers are required to inspect their own vehicles on a periodic basis to ensure that they are in good operational condition.

Additionally, they are given the responsibility of ensuring that any maintenance on the hook area or the engine is done on time.

Refer below for a list of duties particular to a tow truck driver resume:

Sample Job Duties to Add in a Tow Truck Driver Resume

• Respond to calls from dispatchers and ensure that appropriate information has been obtained from them
• Verify location and extent of accident or breakdown and the location specified
• Map routes to determine the shortest and most efficient way of getting to the location of the breakdown
• Drive within speed limits to the location and assess the situation from afar
• Communicate with officials present at the scene to determine when to remove the vehicle
• Hook vehicle to the tow truck and sort out the logistics to move it from its place
• Drive the tow truck slowly to the designated workshop and deliver it and take a receipt for it
• Provide a complete report regarding pick-up and delivery logistics to the base station
• Perform minor repairs on the tow truck and ensure that it is kept clean and maintained at all times
• Make simple repairs on towed vehicles such as replacing flat tires and spark plugs and jumping batteries and fixing disconnected wires
• Accept and record payments received for services rendered and create detailed reports of each service call within the day