Truck Driver Helper Resume Sample

Updated on: October 24, 2021

A resume is an integral part of your job application set to apply for a truck driver helper.

The fact that resumes can make or break your chances of being hired isn’t lost on anyone.

Make sure that you write a resume that talks volumes about you.

Take a look at the following sample:

Truck Driver Helper Resume Example

Dan Brown
67 Omni Road, Richmond, VA56425
(000) 956-6254


Driven Truck Driver Helper with 16+ years of experience assisting at the beginning of each haul and during road time. Exceptionally talented in handling loading and unloading duties, ensuring that cargo is safely stacked. Able to take and follow instructions precisely.

• Navigation Assistance
• Loading / Unloading
• Vehicle Repair
• Preventative Maintenance
• Safety Rules
• Damage Prevention
• Vehicle Inspection
• Customer Service
• Appliance Installation
• Crises Management
• Emergency Response
• Payment Handling

• Successfully delivered 102 packages in a day, on a particularly busy day at work.
• Singlehanded managed deliveries for all assigned customers, in the absence of the truck driver.
• Implemented a core vehicle inspection system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already being followed.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, resulting in an increased life of assigned vehicle engine.


Truck Driver Helper
Logistix, Richmond, VA                         
Sep 2018 – Present
• Inspect vehicles to ensure that they are in good working order before each haul needs to be managed.
• Assist in performing preventative and regular maintenance on assigned trucks.
• Provide support in handling merchandise loading activities, ensuring that all items are adequately secured within the truck.
• Map correct and short routes to destinations, using both standard maps, and the GPS.
• Assist truck drivers by providing them with directions to specified destinations.
• Handle on-road emergencies and problems, such as flat tires and engine issues.
• Deliver packages to customers, or to other offices, and ensure that receipts are appropriately signed.
• Ascertain that all route and delivery information is communicated to the dispatcher or designated official.

Roblox Logistics, Richmond, VA                         
May 2012 – Sep 2018
• Loaded outgoing shipments on awaiting delivery trucks, and ensured that they were properly secured.
• Assisted in unloading incoming shipments, and placing them in assigned storage places.
• Ensured that all paperwork was properly managed for both incoming and outgoing shipments.
• Provided support in performing regular and preventative maintenance on trucks.
• Handled the cleanliness and maintenance of assigned work areas, ensuring that proper protocol was followed.

Richmond High School, Richmond, VA                      
High School Diploma