School Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

May 4, 2019

A school clerk provides the necessary administrative support to a school.

He or she will be responsible for managing clerical and some administrative duties that ensure that an office runs smoothly.


School clerks answer telephone calls, monitor office supplies, and correspondence and assist in ensuring proper communications flow between departments and external agencies.

You will see school clerks interacting with the key players inside a school such as teachers and the management to fulfill their needs in terms of provision of supplies or communications.

If you are applying for the position of a school clerk, you may need to do some homework as far as the interview is concerned.


The following are some questions that you can expect a prospective employer to ask you – and right answers that you can provide them!

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School Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

What are your career goals working as a school clerk?

In the next five years, I would like to enhance my education and eventually work as part of the administration in an academic setting. Working as a school clerk will provide me with the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of the office progressively.

What do you deem the most critical part of a school clerk’s job?

School clerks are responsible for performing clerical and administrative tasks for the smooth functions of a school office. The most important part of their duties is to maintain an organized work area.

What will you do if you will get multiple tasks simultaneously?

I would divide the tasks per priority. If all functions are equally important, I will give the same level of concentration to accomplish given tasks in a tight deadline without compromising on quality.

How would you describe a typical work day in a school clerk’s life?

There is a lot that a school clerk needs to do. Starting from taking phones calls, providing information to visitors, students and parent all the way to managing correspondence and ensuring that every teacher and manager is provided with the supplies and resources that she will need to maintain a productive working day.

What qualifications do you have that support your eligibility for this position?

Apart from being technically savvy and being able to use standard software to manage my work, I am self-motivated, organized and extremely detail oriented. I do not rest until I have completed a task which is why I often stay late at work and not leave it for the next day. I can also manage multiple tasks at the same time without compromising quality.

Tell us of a recent incident where you had to handle a particularly stressful situation but came out as a shining star.

At my previous place of work, there was a huge systems crash, and the entire student records data was wiped out. It was a process that had taken three months to convert from a paper to electronic form initially. It took me two weeks as I put in extra unpaid hours to do it. It was stressful but the fact that I managed it without posing any problems to the day to day work of the office, makes me satisfied!

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