One of the most important jobs in the United States of America is that of a 911 operator. 911 operators spend their work day receiving distress calls and assisting callers by dispatching emergency services. A resume for a 911 operator position must reflect an individual’s ability to deal with stress and work in an active manner while on call.

Generally, 911 operators take telephone calls from distressed citizens, take information of their location and emergency type and inform the concerned emergency service departments. At times, 911 operators need to talk callers through situations in order to help them reach safety. 911 operators need to be extremely alert and detached when taking phone calls. Since this position requires operators to be vigilant at all times, only people with the ability to deliver quick responses are hired for this position.


911 Operator Resume Sample


Katrina Wayne

6729 White Road ● Lacey, Washington, DC ● Cellular: (999) 999-9999 ● Email:

**911 Operator**

A thorough professional with five years’ progressive service experience as a 911 Operator. Well versed in working in an environment dedicated to public safety. In depth knowledge of handling distress calls using great attention to detail and communication tactics. Profound knowledge of handling sensitive information using extreme ethical measures.

● Base radios operations● Computer terminals
● Switchboards● Teletypes
● Alarms● Communications equipment
● Local streets and areas● Geographical layout of districts
● Public safety policies● Operating procedures


911 Operator | City of Mesa, AZ | Dec 2010 – Present

• Receive emergency calls from public and respond appropriately
• Talk to callers to obtain location information and nature of emergency
• Ensure that callers stay on the time so that nature of emergency can be determined
• Create logs of caller’s name, address and distress information while on call
• Prioritize calls by separating important calls from hoax calls
• Dispatch appropriate emergency services immediately
• Provide emergency services personnel with as much information about the caller as possible
• Maintain files and records of cases as appropriate
• Guide callers to safety as often as possible

Key Accomplishments
• Managed to guide a caller who was being stalked by a stranger to a safe location by providing instructions on the telephone
• Successfully prevented a robbery from taking place by dispatching police to a threatened caller’s house in a timely manner

Junior Dispatcher | FJC Security, Long Island, NY | Jan 2010 – Dec 2010

• Assisted dispatchers in logging caller information in a real time environment
• Managed logged information in the database appropriately
• Ensured that all call receiving equipment is set up prior to each shift
• Provided assistance in dispatching services by initiating and expediting calls to emergency service providers

Key Accomplishments
• Proved instrumental in dispatching ambulances to a pile up accident on the freeway which resulted in saving all accident victims’ lives
• Awarded Employee of the Quarter award following excellence in providing support services to 911 operators

Associate of Arts in Public Safety ● Long Island College, Long Island, NY ● 2009