Managing directors work in a multitude of industries. This is a top position where an individual is required to perform a number of marketing, supervisory and conflict management duties. A managing director is expected to bring in new business by performing business development activities and also ensure that all employees are supervised appropriately.

If you are applying for this position, you will need at least a bachelor’s in business education and some experience working under a managing director. The following resume will help you apply for a job in this capacity.


Managing Director Resume Sample




40 Hamilton Avenue ● Staten Island, NY 89331 ● Cell: (999) 999-0109 ● Email:

Managing Director

A far sighted individual with excellent business development skills with hands on knowledge of directing the activities of all projects. Excellent knowledge of supporting the company’s strategic alliances and participating in marketing strategies. Hands on experience of supervising employees across different departments in order to facilitate the process of production and marketing

• Boosted the company’s earnings by 55% in the first year alone by employing excellence in planning and marketing activities
• Increased sales by 22% in the first six months following client solicitation and other core business development directives


GRC Controllers, Staten Island, NY Jan 2007 – Present

Managing Director
• Identify and direct business development activities
• Ensure that all corporate objectives are pursued
• Organize activities for business development
• Develop strategic business plans
• Establish company culture, values and vision
• Manage risk management plans

GRC Controllers, Staten Island, NY Feb 1998 – Jan 2007

Marketing Manager
• Managed business development activities
• Trained personnel to carry out marketing activities
• Devised and executed core marketing plans
• Worked with the sales team to ensure excellence in recurring business
• Developed and executed risk management plans as directed

New York City University – Staten Island, NY
Masters in Business Education – 2009
GPA: 3.25

• Excellent marketing skills
• Exceptional ability to communicate orally and in writing
• Some experience of sales metric designs
• Demonstrated ability to work in a leadership role
• Good problem solving skills