A cover letter is often sent along with a resume of Café Assistant. The primary aim of writing a cover letter is to hook the reader, which in our case is the job recruiter, and convince him so that takes time reviewing your resume and, eventually, considers you as a good option for the job posting.

Following is a sample of a cover letter for a Café Assistant which can be utilized be the job seekers.


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Café Assistant Cover Letter Sample


7441 Crossbow Drive
Rocky Hill, CT 7484
(830) 847 – 493805
william @ email . com

March 30, 2014

Ms. Emma Watson
Café Manager
Tyler Technologies
5949 Sherry Ln #1400
Dallas, TX 75225


Dear Ms. Watson:

Please consider the attached resume for the vacant position of a Café Assistant at Tyler Technologies. I am applying for this position being an enthusiast of this field and I would love to stick around a company like Tyler Technologies. My proficiency in customer service and exceptional hospitality skills would make me an exceptional café assistant – and your perfect choice too.

My relevant skills include:

• Capable of preparing large amounts of food within competitive deadlines
• Always follow the day plan for preparing menu for the meals
• Trained in maintaining hygiene of the kitchen area
• Lifting capability of at least 35 kg
• Able to keep up with the fast paced requirement
• Can effectively assist other kitchen employees
• Superb ability to deal with customers efficiently and compassionately

Having read the stated job description attentively; I feel that, with the aforesaid skills, I am a very good option for this position at your company’s cafe. I am positive that I would prove to serve as a catalyst for the performance of other café employees at Tyler Technologies.

I encourage you to have a look at my enclosed resume and arrange a meeting /call to discuss how I can be very useful as a Café Assistant. Thank you for your time.



William Adams

Enc. Resume