Process Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: May 3, 2019

Process technicians are quality control professionals who are required to ensure that the quality of each process from the beginning to the end is well maintained.

This means that they monitor each stage of material from its raw state to its readiness for use in a production process.


Most employers would want a high school diploma holder for this position unless the work is highly technical.

Most of this work is technical which is why it is essential for the individual to be hands-on with technical work specific to the industry.

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The following resume sample will provide you with a base on which you can write a resume when applying for a process technician position.



Process Technician Resume Example



738 Jules Drive, Staten Island, NY 88373
(000) 999-9210
[email protected]


Uniquely qualified Process Technician with a strong ability to manage the quality of each process to ensure bringing raw material to fruition. Well-honed ability to develop operational business processes and address corrective actions. In-depth knowledge of the production assembly line and quality control procedures used in the production business.


  • Efficiency oriented
  • Analytic thinking with a great concern for maintaining standards
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Physically dexterous
  • Working knowledge of mathematical operations
  • Understanding of common engineering principles


Process Technician
UTC Aerospace Systems, Staten Island, NY         2013-present

  • Identify improvement focus areas along the production line
  • Plan requirements fabrication in accordance with project instructions
  • Set up test equipment to ensure each process is managed appropriately
  • Create a liaison between customer and company to ensure customer involvement
  • Maintain and repair equipment that may fail
  • Perform preventive maintenance as and when required

Technician Apprentice
UTC Aerospace Systems, Staten Island, NY         2011-2013

  • Prepare the startup process and managing starting up as required
  • Prepare the work area before and after a process
  • Manage preventive maintenance as needed
  • Carry out routine maintenance processes
  • Get samples of materials for quality

High School Diploma
East Orange High School, Staten Island, NY

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