School Director Cover Letter Example

Updated on: April 15, 2018

Applying for School Director position will require you to write a cover letter.

And this is the part where many people get stuck because it is a bit tricky to write. But since you cannot apply for a job without the cover letter, it is time to trick the tricky part!

School director cover letters need to be written with a lot of thought. Convincing a hiring manager that you are perfect for the job is not easy – many other people are doing the same. You have to make your cover letter so interesting to read that the hiring manager cannot help but call you in for an interview – even if it is just out of curiosity.

The cover letter should hold extensive information of what you are capable of doing once hired for a position. In addition to this, it should be well-structured, with no grammatical mistakes, or syntax errors.


School Director Cover Letter Example



April 15, 2015

Mr. Simon Jensen
Human Resource Manager
Richard Milburn Schools
1237 76th Avenue
Grand Forks, ND19983


Dear Mr. Jensen:

I am applying for school director position, as advertised on My experience as a school director is not long – it is also vast. With over ten years of working in an academic capacity, 6 of which have been in a school director position, I am sure that I will be a great contributor to Richard Milburn Schools.

Exceptional skills in handling a wide variety of work activities to ensuring the daily operability of the school district, make me an extraordinary person to hire as a school director. Excellent comprehension of managing the various aspects of this work, including business management, personnel matters, budget and financial oversight, and academic growth, along with a solid ability to monitor instructional programs through lesson planning reviews, and classroom data observations, will ensure constant contribution to the school district.

Moreover, I have a plethora of strategic plans that use technology to improve student, staff, and administrative productivity, which I would love to share with you. In addition to this, I possess demonstrated expertise in implementing district curriculums, and staff development plans in a timely and accurate manner, which I am sure your school will benefit greatly from.

Sure that a meeting between us will be fruitful for both of us, I will call you soon to set one up. Until then, I am available at (000) 222-2015, if you need any further information to process my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Gary Cooper

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