Executive Director Resume Sample

Resume writing is all about accentuating your positives and making the most of what you have to offer in terms of professional strengths. Below are two effective tips for executive director resume writing:

• Appeal to your resume audience: When writing your resume, think like an employer. Research the firm you are applying at and find out their exact role expectations. Then give them what they want by highlighting your relevant expertise, supported by quantified examples of professional achievements.

• Focus on the impact your resume will have: First impressions count. Once you are done with your first draft read it again and again and think of ways to enhance the impact your document will have as a whole. A resume is a golden opportunity of making a strong impression on your future employers, make it count.

Take a look at the executive director resume sample given below.


Executive Director Resume Sample


Daniel Fielder

560 Peachtree Lane • Seattle, WA 23445 • (005) 333 – 4444 • daniel @ email . com

SUMMARY: Focused and tenacious executive director with 15+ years’ hands-on experience in directing all aspects of fiscal management and team development. Highly organized and result driven professional who has a profound ability to make decisions independently and quickly with minimal escalations. Adept at maintaining productive PR and representing the firm at national and international levels optimally.


• Contract Administration• Program Evaluation• Fiscal Management
• Negotiation• Staff Management• Board Development
• Business Expansion• Quality Assurance• Policy Enhancement
• Operations Management• Sustainability Analysis• Public Relations

• Spearheaded a successful business expansion project worth investment of $1.2M
• Enhanced annual turnover by 40% through implementation of effective program evaluation and project supervision strategies
• Got the company’s name listed among the 100 most successful firms in America based on a survey conducted by ‘Times’ Magazine

AMERICAN AIRLINES, Seattle, WA| August 2012 – Present
Executive Director
• Maintain ample PR and mutually beneficial partnerships with third parties
• Identify business expansion opportunities and implement the same
• Manage internal controls and direct business operations
• Oversee facility management and fundraising strategies
• Ensure quality assurance and policy implementation through active program monitoring
• Develop, lead and manage a high productivity staff team

WINMAX, Seattle, WA| January 2009 – July 2012
General Manager
• Facilitated policy enhancement by making research based recommendations for amendment
• Negotiated new contracts and worked on sustaining and expanding existing beneficial contracts
• Represented the firm at international conferences as ambassador
• Explored and optimized further business opportunities
• Supervised project operations through subordinate staff
• Oversaw budgetary reviews and approval procedures

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

American Association of Corporate Expansion
International Committee on Business Analysis

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