Executive Director Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 22, 2018

Overview and Guidelines

Cover letters that grab the attention of the prospective employers or hiring managers usually tell a story instead of enlisting what the candidate brings to the table.

To be effective, your executive director cover letter should do the same by communicating your potential showcased through some noteworthy professional accomplishments.

In addition to framing your achievements, it is also important to relate your candidacy with the employer’s requirements. State how you will facilitate the organization if hired, elaborating the value you will be adding to the firm.

The way you begin and close your cover letter is also very important. Your opening must be inspiring and catchy, convincing the reader to read on until the end while the closing must be confident. Always hint on an interview in the end since it helps to communicate how serious you are regarding the prospect.

Take a look at the sample given below.


Executive Director Cover Letter Example



Harold Gibson
328 North West Ave
Chapel Hill, NC 45993
(005) 214-3252

March 22, 2018

Mr. Guilford Reese
HR Manager
44 Hemingway Street
Chapel Hill, NC 45993


Dear Mr. Reese:

• Do you seek an accomplished and energetic executive director to lead your team at UNC?

• Are you looking for someone to gear up the existing fundraising projects and develop productive fiscal activities?

• Does UNC need someone with strong interpersonal and PR maintenance skills to conduct program evaluation and implement fruitful policy amendments?

If yes, you will be interested in my accompanying resume.

Working for the past 20 years in the capacity of general manager and later as executive director at two different firms of international repute, I have built a strong reputation in directing successful business expansion projects, conducting rigorous program evaluations and spearheading various fundraising initiatives. Being well equipped with excellent interpersonal skills and profound ability to maintain beneficial public relations I have been nominated to serve as company ambassador on international platforms on numerous occasions.

In addition to leading business expansions worth millions of dollars and supervising team development activities comprising of 100+ staff members, I have consistently demonstrated exceptional analytical and supervisory skills with a strong focus on policy amendment, client development and implementation of process improvement.

I would like to discuss how I propose to put my practiced skills at your beneficial disposal if hired, in further detail in person. Call me at (005) 214-3252 to schedule an appointment. I also intend to follow up this application with you next. In the interim, my resume is enclosed for your review.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Harold Gibson

Enc. Resume